Startup Showcase: Better Social Media Limited – Making social media civil and authentic

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As social media becomes increasingly prevalent in our daily lives, it also becomes a breeding ground for cyberbullying, trolling, threats, and misinformation. Better Social Media Limited, a UK-based startup, is on a mission to create a safer and more authentic social media experience. By requiring user verification and validation, Better is set to become the go-to platform for users who value authenticity and civil conversation.

A New and Safer Social Media Network

Better Social Media is a groundbreaking social media platform that prioritizes authenticity, courtesy, and security. It requires all its users to be verified and validated before they can post or interact with other accounts. By requiring user verification, Better ensures that all its users are real people, and not bots, trolls or fake accounts. This cuts down on the spread of fake news and misinformation while making the platform a safe space for all users.

The Better Social Media Experience

Better Social Media is designed to be easy to use and navigate. Users can follow their favourite journalists, politicians, entertainers, etc., in read-only mode without having their own accounts. Once signed up, users can interact with the verified accounts of other real people, create and curate their content, join group discussions and keep track of the latest trends and happenings. By leveraging the power of real people’s conversations, Better aims to connect people with similar interests and diverse perspectives, creating a vibrant and dynamic community.

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Partnering with Third-Party Verification Companies

Better Social Media collaborates with third-party ID verification companies to ensure that all user accounts are genuine. The companies perform the verification and validation, making sure that users’ identities are protected at all times. Better does not hold any identity information in its database, ensuring that users’ information is secure and private. In some cases, when Better is legally compelled to release user information, the data can be manually re-created by the third-party and released directly to the necessary authorities.

Join the Better Social Media Movement Today

Better Social Media is inviting users who value authenticity, civil conversation and security to join the platform. By signing up and becoming a part of the community, users can expect a safe and secure social media experience where they can engage with real people and exchange ideas without fear of cyberbullying, trolling, or fake news. With Better, the world can indeed become a better place.




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