Startup Showcase: Beyond Equity – Revolutionizing Startup Funding with Revenue Incentive Notes

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As the startup ecosystem continues to grow globally, there is a need for innovative financing solutions that are equitable for both founders and investors. Beyond Equity, a London-based startup, has introduced a revolutionary financial instrument called Revenue Incentive Notes (RINOs) that bridges the gap between equity and venture debt. In this Startup Showcase, we’ll take a closer look at how Beyond Equity is changing the game for startup funding.

Introducing RINOs – The Future of Startup Funding

Beyond Equity’s RINOs are a hybrid of equity and debt that offer startups a way to raise funds without sacrificing equity or control. With RINOs, startups can sell a percentage of their future revenues to investors and raise funds today. This ingenious financing tool not only benefits the startups but also opens up opportunities for non-VC investors to invest in startups and receive steady returns.

A Win-Win Solution for Founders and Investors

RINOs provide a win-win solution for both founders and investors. Founders can avoid the dilution and control losses that are associated with traditional equity financing, and investors can receive cash flow from the startup’s future revenue streams. Furthermore, founders can buy back RINOs at any time, providing them with greater flexibility and control over their company’s future.

An Innovative Platform for RINOs

Beyond Equity operates a platform where companies can sign up, connect their accounts to their pricing engine, and issue RINOs directly to investors on the platform. This streamlined process enables startups to raise funds quickly and efficiently, while also providing investors with transparent access to promising startups. Beyond Equity’s platform is not only efficient but also provides the necessary infrastructure to facilitate the trading and management of RINOs.

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Beyond Equity’s innovative financial instrument RINOs is an excellent solution for startups looking to raise funds and investors looking for a steady stream of returns. RINOs enable startups to avoid equity dilution and control loss, and also offer non-VC investors a way to invest in startups with potentially lower risk profiles. Beyond Equity is changing the game for startup funding, and its easy-to-use platform is poised to revolutionize the ecosystem. To learn more, visit Beyond Equity’s website and check out their social media pages.





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