Startup Showcase: Beyond Form – Building and Investing in Fashion Tech Startups for a Sustainable Future

Join the growing fashion tech industry and create a sustainable future with Beyond Form

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Beyond Form is a fashion tech venture studio that aims to create a more sustainable and innovative approach to the fashion industry. They specialize in partnering with changemaking founders to build, fund and scale fashion tech startups worldwide. Their focus is on tackling critical fashion industry challenges such as over-production & consumption, unused products, and fragmented supply chains.

Building a Sustainable Future

Beyond form is a fashion tech venture studio that is focused on bringing revolutionary technologies into the fashion industry. Through their partnerships with changemaking founders, they have successfully launched B2B and B2C companies that range from digital & 3D fashion solutions to AI-powered analytics, to end-of-life & re-commerce platforms. The focus on disruptive technologies that can solve real-world problems is what sets Beyond Form apart from other fashion studios.

A Hands-On Approach

Beyond Form’s approach is operationally hands-on with every startup, providing them with resources, ecosystem, and industry know-how that cannot be found elsewhere. Their focus allows them to bring solutions to the market rapidly and with agility, which provides founders and corporates with a non-traditional method of starting up. The ultimate goal is to de-risk innovation while building more prominent value and better returns for all stakeholders.

Partnering with Industry Leaders

Beyond Form’s success in building and scaling fashion tech startups has enabled them to form partnerships with some of the leading names in the industry. Their partnerships range from startups such as AlgiKnit and Levi’s to global consultancy firms like Bain & Company.

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Joining Beyond Form

Joining Beyond Form will give potential partners access to a world-class team of industry experts working to solve real-world problems in the fashion industry. They offer a spectrum of services to their partnering startups that range from funding and strategy to branding and media relations. Beyond Form is committed to building and investing in companies with high-impact potential that can create lasting change.

Visit Beyond Form’s website at to learn more about our mission and to see how we can help build sustainable fashion tech startups.




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