Startup Showcase: Bimdl – Empowering Users to Engage with Assets

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In a world where technology evolves at an accelerated pace, Bimdl stands out as an innovative startup driving change in the industry. Bimdl Industries, based in Leeds, UK, offers SaaS and mobile app solutions that empower users to engage with assets they depend on, providing a unique approach to asset management. As a crowdsourcing intelligence and capabilities platform, Bimdl is changing the way we interact with the built environment around us. This Startup Showcase delves into how Bimdl is revolutionising asset management.

A Unique Approach to Asset Management

Bimdl’s unique selling point is its ability to provide a platform that removes financial and operational overheads for asset owners. Democratising technology to allow input and access to an immutable source of truth, relating to the built environment and its components within. Bimdl’s ever-increasing “Thing index” provides a catalogue of tangible objects in the world around us, empowering end-users to contribute to the management and maintenance of assets.

Crowdsourced Intelligence and Capability Platform

The technology behind the Bimdl crowdsourcing intelligence and capabilities platform is inclusive and allows contributions from all permitted stakeholders. The platform connects owners, managers, contractors and end-users in a collaborative environment, where they can share intelligence on the assets they interact with daily. This provides a cycle of continuous improvement for the management of built environments, making it more sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective.

Changing Communication from the Outside to the Inside

Bimdl’s use of innovation translates into a change in communication from the ‘outside’ to the ‘inside.’ By embedding learnings from end users, those responsible for managing and maintaining the infrastructure can be both proactive and accountable. The platform provides reliable and accurate data on the assets, reducing the time for asset management and increasing productivity. Bimdl’s innovative solution also establishes a new and revolutionary way in which the different stakeholders engage with the infrastructure.

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Bimdl is at the forefront of innovative thinking in asset management. Its platform provides a unique solution in the industry, allowing stakeholders to interact with the built environment and provide valuable intelligence. The wider implications of Bimdl’s technology include environmentally sustainable practices that are needed in today’s world. Bimdl is democratising technology in asset management, paving the way for a more inclusive, efficient and sustainable future. You can check out Bimdl’s website here:, and follow their Twitter and LinkedIn for more updates.


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