Startup Showcase: BlueCove – Revolutionizing Scientific Asset Management

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BlueCove is a new scientific asset management firm founded in 2018 by Hugh Willis and Alex Khein, the co-founder and former CEO of BlueBay Asset Management, respectively. With a team of leading professionals in the fixed income industry, the company aims to revolutionize scientific investment processes and provide alternative fixed income investment products to investors.

The Need for Scientific Investment

The traditional discretionary fixed income strategies often lack transparency and are not fully objective in decision-making. There is a need for scientifically-driven fixed income products that incorporate a range of datasets and models to generate investment decisions. BlueCove aims to address this need by creating a range of scientific solutions that complement traditional investment strategies.

BlueCove’s Unique Approach

BlueCove utilizes a unique approach to fixed income investment. The company’s team has expertise in both investment management and engineering, which enables them to develop state-of-the-art investment processes that are not limited by conventional models. BlueCove’s investment products are powered by data analytics and scientific methods to generate objective and transparent investment decisions.


By targeting H1 2019 for FCA authorization and H2 2019 for launching its initial suite of scientific investment products, BlueCove aims to revolutionize the fixed income investment market. The company has a strong team of industry experts and a unique approach to investment that gives them an edge in the market. BlueCove is set to transform the fixed income investment landscape with its objective and transparent scientific investment processes.



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