Startup Showcase: Bold Health – Revolutionizing the Treatment of GI Conditions

Empowering Individuals with Personalized and End-to-End Care Programs.

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Clear your schedule and say hello to Bold Health, the virtual therapeutic care provider that is changing the face of GI treatment. If you or someone you know is living with the pain and discomfort of gastrointestinal conditions, Bold Health is the innovative solution you’ve been looking for. In this startup showcase, we’ll dive into what makes Bold Health unique, how it’s changing the landscape of telemedicine, and what the future holds for this pioneering company.

What is Bold Health?

Bold Health is a specialty telemedicine company that offers comprehensive and integrative care for gastrointestinal (GI) conditions. Unlike traditional healthcare providers that often treat GI conditions with medication alone, Bold Health combines medication, nutrition, behavioral and lifestyle interventions, remote monitoring, and proprietary digital therapeutic programs to provide end-to-end care.

Telehealth Services

Bold Health’s telehealth services are at the core of its approach. Patients are connected to a multidisciplinary care team including GI specialists, registered nurses, dietitians, therapists, and health coaches, all of whom collaborate to create personalized care programs for each patient. Patients can access their care team through the Bold Health app or web portal, making care more convenient and accessible.


Bold Health recognizes that every patient is unique, and therefore requires individualized care. That’s why Bold Health employs a proprietary algorithm to categorize patients into one of four unique categories, each with personalized care paths. This helps to ensure that patients receive tailored care that’s right for them.

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The Future of Bold Health

Bold Health is already disrupting the traditional healthcare model by offering end-to-end care for GI conditions through telehealth services. However, the company has ambitious plans for the future. Bold Health aims to be the go-to provider for specialty telemedicine, expanding its treatment offerings beyond GI conditions to become a comprehensive provider of virtual therapeutic care.


Bold Health is a startup that offers a transformative approach to healthcare for individuals with GI conditions. Its personalized, end-to-end care programs have the potential to revolutionize the industry, offering patients a more convenient, accessible, and effective way to manage their condition. To learn more about Bold Health and its services, visit their website or connect with them on social media.


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