Startup Showcase: BUILDILY – The Platform that Creates Successful Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs, by nature, are risk-takers. They are passionate, driven, and have a clear vision of their goals. But despite their determination, they face many obstacles along the way. Starting a business is a daunting task, and the journey to success is often long and uncertain. That’s where Buildily comes in. Buildily is a venture builder and online accelerator platform that provides early stage entrepreneurs and startups with the tools they need to succeed. It’s a platform that supports, mentors, and connects entrepreneurs to the resources they need to turn their dreams into reality.

The Buildily Tech

One of the standout aspects of Buildily is its creation of consumer-based AI-related systems and service platforms. The company’s expertise in this area has helped many startups and entrepreneurs develop products and services that are scalable and help sustain growth, without losing the personal touch which has made the service stand out in the industry. Buildily Tech is equipped with the latest technology that helps startups reach their full potential.

Buildily Startup and Academy

Buildily offers an online business/startup accelerator platform that provides all the necessary tools, services, and funding options to help entrepreneurs manage and grow their businesses. The platform offers an innovative way to manage processes, resources, and finances. Entrepreneurs can also access a network of experienced mentors and advisors who can offer valuable insights and advice. Additionally, Buildily Academy is a unique video-based platform that offers world-class founders and entrepreneurs’ insights on how they managed to build their businesses from the ground up. The platform provides a valuable learning opportunity for anyone looking to start or grow their business.

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The Journey of Buildily

Buildily has come a long way since its inception in 2017. The company was founded by serial entrepreneur and investor, Hanif Kanji. Hannif used his years of experience in the startup world to create a platform that provides entrepreneurs with the tools they need to succeed. Through hard work and unique service offerings, Buildily quickly rose to be one of the leading online accelerator platforms in the UK. Today, the company has a strong team of experts who are passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.


Buildily is a startup that has revolutionized the way entrepreneurs start, build, and grow their businesses. The platform provides all the necessary tools, resources, and advisors to help entrepreneurs start their businesses and sustain growth. With its innovative technology, unique service offerings, and world-class mentors, Buildily is a crucial component of the startup ecosystem in the UK. If you’re an early stage entrepreneur, Buildily is the platform you need to turn your dreams into reality.


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