Startup Showcase: Bumper Revolutionizes Crypto Asset Protection

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As the world of cryptocurrency trading grows more complex and volatile, Bumper, a London-based startup, is offering a new approach to risk management. Its DeFi price protection protocol protects crypto assets against negative price movement, offering a valuable service to traders looking to mitigate risk. In this Startup Showcase, we’ll explore how Bumper’s innovative model is disrupting the traditional methods of stop-loss and options markets.

A New Approach to Risk Management

At its core, Bumper is a DeFi price protection protocol that safeguards the value of crypto assets. By using a tokenised version of the asset with the down-side volatility risk removed, “Takers” who deposit their assets with Bumper can offset their risk. The price risk is then transferred to “Makers” who supply an alternative cryptocurrency with lower volatility, typically a “stablecoin”. Both the protected asset and stablecoin are held by the protocol in pools.

Subordinated Pools and Individual Perspectives

Bumper’s pools for volatile cryptocurrency and stablecoin are partially subordinated, allowing actors to engage with the protocol according to their individual perspective on future price behaviour of the protected asset. This way, Bumper’s design offers a decentralised approach to software marketplace for asset price risk, which is more superior to traditional methods of using centralised stop-loss and options markets. The benefits include reduced slippage and avoiding parasitic profits and overheads.

Superior Management of Risk

The Bumper design demonstrates how a decentralised software marketplace for asset price risk is much more superior to traditional methods. The benefits include reduced slippage and avoiding parasitic profits and overheads. Traders are able to efficiently manage their risk management while offering their clients better protections.

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The Future of Crypto Asset Protection

With its innovative approach to risk management for the volatile cryptocurrency market, Bumper is poised to play a major role in the future of digital asset protection. Bumper’s solution is helping traders efficiently manage risk in a complex and unpredictable market. As the crypto market continues to grow, the need for better risk management remains paramount, and Bumper is paving the way with its innovative DeFi price protection protocol.




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