Startup Showcase: CAPSLOCK Industries – Reskilling Adults into Cyber Security Professionals

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Looking to start a new career in the cyber security industry but don’t have the funds to get trained? Look no further than CAPSLOCK, the innovative cyber security start-up that is reskilling adults for free. Voted as the UK’s most innovative cyber security start-up in 2021 by TechUK & DCMS, CAPSLOCK has quickly become a leader in the industry by providing a unique and affordable solution to the cyber security skills shortage.

Re-Skilling Adults into Cyber Security Professionals

At CAPSLOCK, they understand that many adults struggle to make ends meet while trying to retrain for a new career. That’s why they offer their intensive 4-month online bootcamp at no cost until a learner lands a job paying over £27k. This means that learners can get certified in cyber security without the high upfront costs associated with traditional education. In addition, they offer a wide range of courses and modules that are designed to fit a variety of skill levels and backgrounds. From professional dancers to military veterans, CAPSLOCK accepts a wide range of career-changers to their courses.

Pilot Cohorts using Income Share Agreements

Launched in March 2021, CAPSLOCK’s pilot cohorts have been extremely successful. Using income share agreements, they were able to reskill 86 adults who didn’t pay any up-front costs. Income share agreements work by allowing graduates to repay a percentage of their monthly income back to CAPSLOCK over a set period of time but only once they have landed a high-paying role. This allows graduates to get certified and start their career in cyber security without the worry of high upfront costs.

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Hiring Graduates across Industries

CAPSLOCK’s graduates have already made an impact across industries. Companies like Dyson, the BBC, ITV, BAE, HSBC, Boohoo, and PwC have all hired CAPSLOCK graduates to tackle the cyber security skills shortage. Their graduates are equipped with the skills and knowledge to tackle real-world cyber security threats, making them highly valuable for any employer in need of cyber security professionals.

Make Your Move into Cyber Security with CAPSLOCK

If you’re interested in starting a career in the cyber security industry but don’t have the funds to get certified, CAPSLOCK is the solution. Their innovative approach to reskilling adults means you can start your career in cyber security without the worry of high upfront costs. Check out their website at for more information on their courses and how to get started.


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