Startup Showcase: CarbonChain – Revolutionizing the Low-Carbon Economy

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As the world transitions towards a low-carbon economy, understanding a company’s carbon footprint is of utmost importance. Companies must take proactive steps to reduce their carbon emissions and support the fight against climate change. CarbonChain, a London-based startup, is on a mission to help polluting industries track their greenhouse gas emissions through their innovative platform. In this startup showcase, we will explore how CarbonChain is revolutionizing the low-carbon economy by digitizing the supply chain.

Introducing CarbonChain

CarbonChain is a startup that provides a platform to the polluting industries such as metals and mining, oil and gas, and agriculture. The platform traces greenhouse gas emissions from the source of raw materials to the end of the product’s lifecycle. The data that CarbonChain collects is stored on a decentralized blockchain system that provides security and transparency to the supply chain. With CarbonChain’s solution, companies can monitor their carbon footprint and take proactive steps to reduce their emissions towards a sustainable future.

Digitizing the Supply Chain

One of the primary benefits of CarbonChain’s platform is the digitization of the supply chain. By providing a centralized platform to track greenhouse gas emissions, companies can easily see where their products are coming from and identify the source of carbon emissions. This visibility allows companies to take proactive steps to reduce their carbon footprint and support the low-carbon economy.

Database of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Factors

CarbonChain has a database of greenhouse gas emission factors covering individual assets from mines to ships. This database supports a wide range of hard and soft commodities that help companies understand their carbon impact. Companies can identify their highest polluting transactions and take the necessary steps to protect their supply chains against rising carbon prices. By doing so, they can unlock several benefits such as lower interest rates, ESG leadership recognition, and more.

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The Future of Low-Carbon Economy

With the world moving towards a low-carbon economy, CarbonChain’s platform is essential for the polluting industries to take proactive steps in reducing their carbon footprint. CarbonChain not only enables companies to track their carbon emissions, but it also provides transparency, enhances security, and drives efficiencies and cost savings end-to-end across supply chains. In the future, CarbonChain’s platform will become increasingly important, and we can expect many companies to adopt their solutions to support a sustainable future.


CarbonChain is revolutionizing the low-carbon economy by helping companies track their carbon footprint. Their platform provides transparency, enhances security, and drives efficiencies and cost savings end to end across supply chains. With their unique solutions, they are helping companies take proactive steps towards building a sustainable future. To learn more about CarbonChain, visit their website or social media pages below.


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