Startup Showcase: CeCubed Industries – Transforming Corporate Travel for the Benefit of the Business and the Environment

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CeCubed Industries is revolutionizing the way businesses handle their travel data. Through its cutting-edge application, the London-based startup offers a one-stop solution for travel data management, cost savings, and carbon reduction. In this showcase, we’ll dive into what CeCubed offers, how it benefits its clients, and why it’s on the path to becoming a game-changer in the industry.

Introducing CeCubed: The Solution for Outdated Travel Data Reporting

CeCubed aims to help businesses that are stuck with outdated travel reporting tools, making it hard to track expenses and environmental impact. With its state-of-the-art application, CeCubed turns travel data management into a straightforward process. Its platform automates data collection from multiple sources, cleans the data, and presents it to clients in an easy-to-understand format. CeCubed also provides its clients with travel analytics and consultancy services, helping them identify areas of inefficiency and cost savings opportunities.

The Promise of Reduced Carbon Emissions

CeCubed is committed to reducing the carbon emissions of its clients. Its platform provides accurate carbon footprint reporting, allowing businesses to understand their environmental impact and identify opportunities for reducing it. Moreover, CeCubed works with clients to develop CSR strategies and sustainability plans, helping them achieve their carbon reduction goals.

Cost Efficiency and Data-driven Decision Making

Cost efficiency is one of the primary benefits of using CeCubed. By automating travel data management, the company reduces the chances of errors, fraud, and other inefficiencies. This saves businesses money and allows them to make data-driven decisions based on accurate, up-to-date information. CeCubed’s advanced data visualization capabilities allow clients to see trends and highlight outliers, revealing opportunities for further cost savings.

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Join the CeCubed Revolution Today


CeCubed Industries is on a mission to change the way businesses handle their travel data. By providing a comprehensive solution that includes data management, cost savings, carbon reduction, and sustainability consulting, CeCubed is creating a better world for businesses and the environment. So, whether you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, improve your travel data management, or save costs, CeCubed is the startup you should be backing.



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