Startup Showcase: Cheqd – Building Payment Mechanisms for Private and Secure Digital Identity Exchange

Making Digital Identity More Accessible, Inclusive, and Commercially Sustainable

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In this startup showcase, we highlight London-based cheqd, a Web 3.0 startup dedicated to building payment mechanisms for private and secure digital identity exchange. Founded by an experienced team in the field of self-sovereign identity, cheqd is revolutionizing the way people exchange trusted digital data, making it more secure, transparent, and people-centric. With innovative blockchain technology at its core, cheqd aims to establish an incentives layer for the self-sovereign identity ecosystem that will enable widespread adoption and monetization of digital identity issuance.

Decentralized Identity and Its Challenges

Decentralized identity (DID) is a new paradigm for exchanging trusted digital data related to people, companies, and things securely and transparently. DID empowers individuals with ownership and control of their digital identities, reducing the reliance on central authorities and intermediaries, and eliminating the risks of data breaches, identity theft, and fraud. However, the DID ecosystem is still in its infancy, and there are several challenges that prevent its widespread adoption.

One of the major challenges is the lack of an incentives layer for DID that would motivate actors to participate and contribute to the ecosystem. Without incentives, actors may not see the value of participating, which may slow down the growth and innovation of the ecosystem. Another major challenge is the absence of payment mechanisms for digital identity issuance and verification, which can be costly, slow, and unreliable.

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Cheqd’s Solution: Building a Payment Mechanism for Digital Identity Exchange

To address the challenges of the digital identity ecosystem, cheqd is building a payment mechanism that enables secure and private digital identity exchange. Cheqd’s payment mechanism is designed to be agnostic of the underlying ledger, making it flexible and interoperable with various blockchain technologies. Cheqd will provide a payment network for digital identity verifiers and issuers, allowing them to get compensated for their work and incentivizing them to participate in the ecosystem. Cheqd’s payment mechanism will also enable businesses to integrate verified users into their products seamlessly, without any friction, and provide users with more control over their data.

Cheqd’s payment mechanism will initially target B2B companies that are building products on decentralized ID for people and companies. Cheqd aims to work with these ID companies to integrate verim’s digital ID payment rails and network. Cheqd’s future roadmap includes plans for enterprise and SaaS software that allows large/mid-cap organizations to monetize their digital ID issuance. Cheqd’s mission is to make digital identity more accessible, inclusive, and commercially sustainable.

Blockchain Technology at the Core of Cheqd’s Solution

Cheqd’s core product is a blockchain network that makes exchanging and paying for trusted data easy, inclusive, and secure. Cheqd chose blockchain technology for its core product, as it aligns with its values of decentralization, transparency, and security. Blockchain technology provides a distributed, immutable, and transparent infrastructure for the exchange of trusted data, reducing the need for intermediaries and gatekeepers. With blockchain technology, cheqd can ensure that no single company has control over such critical web infrastructure, reducing the risks of monopolization and abuse of power.

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Cheqd is a startup dedicated to revolutionizing the digital identity ecosystem by building a payment mechanism for secure and private digital identity exchange. With a team of experienced self-sovereign identity experts and innovative blockchain technology at its core, cheqd is creating an incentives layer for the DID ecosystem that will encourage widespread adoption, innovation, and monetization. Cheqd’s solution is flexible, agnostic of the underlying ledger, and interoperable, making it suitable for various use cases and industries. Cheqd’s vision of making digital identity more accessible, inclusive, and commercially sustainable is inspiring and transformative, and we look forward to seeing how they will change the digital identity landscape.





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