Startup Showcase: Chosen AI – Revolutionizing Workforce Planning with AI Insights

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Being proactive in workforce planning has never been more critical. With the business landscape rapidly changing and the COVID-19 pandemic causing economic uncertainty, companies need to be agile in keeping up with the evolving job market. Chosen AI, a London-based startup, understands this and provides businesses with a solution to predictive workforce planning by aggregating HR data and generating skills and capability insights using AI.

A Revolutionary AI Solution to Workforce Planning

Founded in 2018, Chosen AI aims to solve the reactive recruitment process issue that many large organisations face. Often, businesses rely on outdated recruitment strategies like “post and pray,” expecting top talent to apply to job jobs without actively searching for the best candidate. Through its natural language processing and deep learning platform, Chosen AI enables companies to proactively plan their workforce by predicting future hiring needs, identifying skill gaps, and promoting internal mobility.

Unleashing the Power of HR Data

Companies are expected to make data-driven decisions on their people, but many are challenged with drawing insights from fragmented and subjective data. Chosen AI helps organisations cut through the clutter by discovering and understanding their aggregated employee data. Its platform identifies proven skills and the context behind them, allowing employers to gain a deeper understanding of their workforce capabilities. This data can inform training programs and hiring needs, ensuring the workplace has the necessary skills to take the business forward.

A Promise for Growth

Chosen AI’s innovative technology has garnered attention, resulting in substantial venture capital investment from Ascension Ventures, Half Court Ventures, the Founders Factory, and leading UK Business Angels. In early 2018, the startup joined the Founders Factory Accelerator programme, became a member of the NVIDIA Deep Learning & AI start-up incubator, and was selected for Tech Nation’s Applied AI growth program. Forbes recognized it as one of the UK’s most promising AI startups.

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Chosen AI’s AI-driven solution provides a competitive edge for businesses looking to proactively manage their workforce through predictive workforce planning. Its revolutionary technology helps organizations make informed data-driven decisions on people, ultimately leading to better business outcomes.





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