Startup Showcase: Class-ify – Monetise Your Fitness Audience

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Are you a fitness trainer struggling to monetize your audience? Or are you someone who wants to start a fitness business online, but doesn’t know where to start? Class-ify is here to help.

Class-ify is a technology platform designed to help independent fitness trainers in building an online coaching business. Based in London, UK, Class-ify provides a step-by-step system to fitness trainers to monetise their audience and deliver exceptional results to clients.

Founded in 2020, Class-ify has quickly become the go-to platform for trainers to manage and streamline their businesses. The platform provides a comprehensive set of tools and a full tech stack to help trainers manage clients, automate communications, and grow their businesses.

Building an Online Business with Class-ify

Creating an online fitness business is not easy. Class-ify makes it simpler by providing a comprehensive set of tools that help trainers at every stage of the journey. The platform guides trainers in setting up their online businesses, from creating a website to setting up payments.

Trainers on the Class-ify platform get access to an extensive library of content, including exercises, meal plans, and more. The platform also includes a management system that helps trainers automate and simplify the communication process with clients.

Client Experience on the Class-ify Platform

The Class-ify platform is designed to provide clients with an exceptional experience. The training plans are personalised to the clients’ needs and include a holistic approach that covers nutrition, hydration, sleep, and stress levels. Clients get access to an app that lets them track their progress.

The platform provides short weekly check-ins to help clients stay on track and achieve their fitness goals. Clients have access to a dedicated trainer who provides support and guidance throughout their journey.

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Final Thoughts

Class-ify is an excellent platform for fitness trainers looking to monetize their audience and build an online business. With its comprehensive set of tools and personalised approach to training, the platform has quickly become a go-to for fitness trainers looking to streamline their businesses.

Trainers on the Class-ify platform get access to everything they need to grow their businesses, from a step-by-step system to full tech infrastructure. The platform also provides an excellent experience for clients, with personalised training plans and dedicated support from a trainer.


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