Startup Showcase: Clik Industries – Gamifying hearing tests for young children

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As the world becomes more technologically advanced, so do the solutions brought about by innovative startups. One such company revolutionizing the field of audiology is Clik Industries. Founded in Liverpool, UK, Clik provides gamified, portable hearing tests for young children who struggle to complete traditional audiometric tests.

Understanding the Challenges of Audiological Evaluation

Audiological evaluation is a complex process that often requires stillness and compliance on the part of the patient. However, this can be challenging for young children who may not have developed the cognitive ability to follow verbal instructions or sit still for extended periods. As a result, parents and doctors struggle to accurately diagnose hearing impairments in young children. Standard hearing tests become unreliable due to the lack of compliance, which leads to failure and retesting, adding further frustration for both the patients and audiologists.

The Solution: Gamified Audiometric Tests

Clik Industries has developed an evidence-based approach to audiometric testing by combining gamification and cognitive function research. By leveraging the increased use of tablet-based audiometers, the company has developed a platform that makes hearing tests fun for children. The tablet provides feedback stimuli to the child, and the child’s response is recorded, making the audiometric testing process much more engaging for the young patient.

Changing the Audiological Landscape

Clik Industries is transforming the pediatric audiology landscape by revolutionizing the way hearing tests are conducted. The use of gamification and technological advancements has significantly impacted the accuracy of diagnosis and screening, making it more accessible and comfortable for patients to undergo the audiology evaluation process. The use of tablet-based audiometers has streamlined the process, and the experience is now improved for both the child and the audiologist. This innovation is a significant win for the healthcare industry and demonstrates how startups are pushing the boundaries towards delivering accessible healthcare solutions.

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Final Thoughts

Clik Industries is one of the startups at the forefront of innovation in audiology. While currently focusing on hearing tests for young children, we can’t help but think about the potential for older age groups who may struggle with traditional hearing tests. Such a revolution would benefit not only society but also the field of audiology, and we look forward to how Clik Industries will continue to make a significant impact in the industry.





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