Startup Showcase: Counteract – Combating the Climate Crisis through Carbon Removal

Supporting Engineer and Scientist Entrepreneurs to Combat Climate Change.

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As the climate crisis continues to increase in urgency and severity, there is a growing need for innovative solutions that will actively remove carbon from the atmosphere. Counteract, based in London, England, is a startup that is taking a bold step towards addressing this crisis by supporting engineer and scientist entrepreneurs in creating self-sustaining businesses that capture or store greenhouse gases at a global scale. This Startup Showcase will explore who Counteract are, what they do, and how their work is making a significant impact in the fight against climate change.

Who are Counteract?

Counteract is a climate-focused startup that was founded on the ethos that the climate crisis requires immediate action. They’re passionate about supporting change-makers to find innovative and financially-viable solutions that scale. At Counteract, they recognize that even with the progression of renewable energy and the electrification of transport, carbon dioxide is still being emitted. Therefore, they’re working towards addressing the problem of what to do about the excess carbon already in the atmosphere.

What Does Counteract Do?

Counteract offers financial and strategic support to entrepreneurs seeking to combat climate change through carbon removal. The startup works to identify and fund promising research in emissions removal technology, including but not limited to enhanced weathering, blue and soil carbon, direct air capture, afforestation/reforestation, and sequestration. This highlights how Counteract is driving research into and development of alternative carbon removal technologies.

Counteract offers support to entrepreneurs and scientists in the earliest stage of their businesses, providing them with prototyping, market development as well as funding to prove new theories and test new pathways. With a focus on innovation, they’re seeking to bring new approaches to store, manage and unlock new solutions in emissions removal technology. By supporting the emergence of new entrepreneurs, Counteract is rapidly accelerating progress towards a carbon-neutral economy, ready to tackle even more challenging issues at scale.

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Counteract’s mission is to work hand in hand with entrepreneurs and scientists to combat climate change, removing carbon from the atmosphere as quickly and efficiently as possible. With their support, these entrepreneurs can build self-sustaining businesses that have the potential to capture or store greenhouse gases. By investing in a range of technologies, Counteract is bridging the gap between bold ideas and the resources that are necessary for success, boosting the chances of a world beyond carbon.


Counteract is a startup that is making waves in the fight against climate change, specifically by investing in and making critical research in emissions removal technology financially and structurally feasible. Through the provision of capital and strategic support to scientists and entrepreneurs, Counteract is helping to drive innovation in carbon removal and build businesses that meet the high standards of a good, profitable company. In doing so, they’re making an essential contribution to mankind’s challenge of saving the planet from climate change.


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