Startup Showcase: Cyberteam Security Services – Revolutionizes IT security

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Cyberteam Security Services is a fresh IT security company based in Truro, Cornwall, that has been taking the industry by storm with their cutting-edge solutions for banking and fintech trading systems, UK government benefits payment systems, airline ticket clearing systems, weather prediction systems, logistics, insurance, web portals, telecommunications, petro-chem, and utilities. In this startup showcase, we dive deep into this exciting company, learning about their services and what sets them apart from other security services out there.

The Company

Cyberteam Security Services is a team of highly skilled cyber-protection professionals, who live and breathe for challenging cyber threats. Their services span across various industries, helping to safeguard their clients’ data and assets using their unwavering expertise in IT security solutions. As one of the fast-rising stars in the IT security industry, they provide services covering application analysis, AWS cloud solutions, CASB solutions, cloud migrations, defense in depth security models, ICS, SCADA, IoT Security, IT automation, mobile security, password testing, prevention and response to incidents, remote software support, security assessment and testing, and security scanning.


One of the most intriguing services Cyberteam Security Services provides is Application Analysis. Their team goes through every single line of code to detect vulnerabilities and weaknesses that hackers can exploit. Next is their AWS cloud solution that enables clients to harness the power of Amazon’s cloud computing infrastructure securely. Their CASB solution integrates with cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Office 365, Salesforce, Azura, and Netsuite, providing an additional waterproof layer of security. Clients can also rely on the company’s cloud migration solutions, where their team transfers existing systems to cloud-based ones quickly and seamlessly.

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In addition to the above, the company’s defense-depth security model ensures clients are protected from top to bottom. The team builds various security layers that operate at different levels, making it challenging for hackers to infiltrate and inflict any kind of damage. Cyberteam Security Services’ ICS and SCADA services are designed for clients in utilities and petrochemicals, providing a more comprehensive and customized IT security framework. For clients in the telecommunications and logistics industries, Cyberteam Security Services provides IoT security solutions that protect internet-connected devices from cyber threats.

Finally, for clients seeking comprehensive security solutions, the company provides security assessment and testing services to identify weak spots and detect vulnerabilities, improving system integrity and leaving virtually no gaps. Their password testing services ensure a client’s system is impenetrable from bad actors, who often use poorly constructed passwords to gain access.

Why They Stand Out

With the rise of cybercrime and the increase in the number of data breaches, there’s no better time to invest in cyber-protection solutions that provide robust and effective protection. This is where Cyberteam Security Services comes in. They’re known for their outstanding customer service and the team’s technical know-how, which ensures clients have complete trust in the company. Their approach is personalized, and they work with their clients every step of the way, taking time to understand their concerns and tailoring solutions that fit them. During an interview, the company’s CEO said, “Our clients come first, and their satisfaction is our number one priority.” This is exemplified in their response times to critical security breaches, which have earned the company high praise in the industry.

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It’s hard to overstate the importance of having the right IT security solution in place. Time and again, we’ve seen huge companies and industries come to a grinding halt due to data breaches and cyber-attacks. In this startup showcase, we’ve taken a close look at Cyberteam Security Services, highlighting their innovative services and why they stand out in a crowded industry. This UK-based startup is poised to set the bar high in the IT security industry in the years to come.


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