Startup Showcase: Datum Future – Speaker of Cross-Industry Data Leaders

Bridging the Gap between People, Policy, and Data.

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As data becomes increasingly important in our society, addressing the gaps between policy, regulation, industry, and people has become a crucial task. That’s where Datum Future comes in. This London-based business forum provides a platform for cross-industry leaders to connect and work together to create economic and social value through the use of data. In this Startup Showcase, we’ll take a closer look at Datum Future’s mission, goals, and the impact it’s making in today’s data-driven world.

Creating Trustworthy and Integrated Data Solutions

Datum Future’s ultimate goal is to foster trust in data usage. It understands that for people to feel confident in sharing their data, it needs to be used in a trustworthy and ethical way. To achieve this, Datum Future brings together a diverse range of perspectives and expertise to create integrated data solutions that meet the needs of individuals. The forum explores how policy theory, social and economic modeling, regulatory management, industry innovations, and adoption of solutions by people can dovetail to deliver trustworthy and integrated data solutions based on individuals’ needs.

Building a Community of Cross-Industry Data Leaders

Datum Future is not just a forum for discussing data issues; it’s a community of cross-industry data leaders. These leaders come from a variety of backgrounds, including government, business, academia, and civil society. By working together, they can tackle complex data challenges and create solutions that are tailored to the needs of society.

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Datum Future offers various opportunities to connect and collaborate, including conferences, seminars, and workshops. Through these events, data leaders can share their insights, best practices, and challenges, and work collaboratively to find practical solutions. In this way, Datum Future is creating a global network of cross-industry data leaders who can lead the way in responsible, ethical, and effective data usage.

Driving Economic and Social Value through Data

Data is a powerful tool that can drive economic and social value when used responsibly. Datum Future recognizes this and is committed to creating economic and social value through data. It understands that data is not just a commodity; it is a resource that can be used to improve people’s lives, stimulate innovation, and create new opportunities.

By supporting cross-industry leaders committed to creating economic and social value through data, Datum Future is helping to shape the future of our data-driven world. The forum is stimulating innovation and promoting responsible data usage, creating a better future for us all.


Datum Future is a business forum with a mission to create trustworthy and integrated data solutions that meet the needs of individuals. By building a community of cross-industry data leaders, Datum Future is helping to drive economic and social value through data. Contact Datum Future to learn more about its initiatives and to join its global network of data leaders.





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