Startup Showcase: Deep Knowledge Analytics – Revolutionizing DeepTech Market Intelligence

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Founded in 2014, Deep Knowledge Analytics is an analytical subsidiary of Deep Knowledge Group, an innovative AI-driven investment ecosystem comprising several fund management firms and portfolio companies. The group is committed to achieving positive social impact using cutting-edge data science technologies to drive social innovation and accelerate human progress. Deep Knowledge Analytics is a pioneer in analyzing emerging DeepTech industries and has become a go-to source for market intelligence and industry insights in the UK.

Sophisticated Methodologies and Open-Access Reports

Deep Knowledge Analytics leverages multidimensional frameworks and algorithmic methods to extract high-quality intelligence relevant for a range of applications, including strategy, investment, R&D, and public policy. Their comprehensive market reports, covering emerging technologies, innovations, companies, investors, and governmental agencies activities, are available on their website for free. These open-access reports encourage transparency and help democratize valuable information for all stakeholders in the DeepTech ecosystem.

Interactive Reports and Big Data Analytical System

In recent times, Deep Knowledge Analytics has made significant strides in transforming their static analytical reports into interactive reports that are accessible via a Big Data Analytical System. The system includes specialized dashboards focused on DeepTech and tailored to meet different customer needs, from startups, corporations, investors, and governmental bodies. These dashboards provide customized insights and data analytics to help clients make better decisions regarding their technological innovations.


Deep Knowledge Analytics is transforming how market intelligence is delivered in the DeepTech industry. Their sophisticated methodologies and algorithmic methods provide comprehensive insights and pragmatic forecasting on emerging trends, innovations, and industry benchmarks. Their interactive reports via the Big Data Analytical System provide customized insights and analytics, improving the decision-making process for startups, corporations, investors, and governmental bodies. With their commitment to positively impacting society, Deep Knowledge Analytics is a worthy company to watch in the DeepTech industry.

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