Startup Showcase: DeepGears – Revolutionizing Online Apparel Shopping

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As online shopping grows in popularity, so do the issues of incorrect sizing and unrealistic expectations on how garments will fit. This leads to high rates of returns, which can be costly for retailers and harmful for the environment. DeepGears, a startup based in London, has set out to solve this problem with their advanced virtual try-ons capabilities.

An Innovative Solution to a Major Problem

With DeepGears, customers can visualize how garments will truly fit on their virtual character, featuring their very own body measurements. This allows them to find their perfect size and discover recommended products based on advanced analytics on physical traits. This innovative solution not only makes online shopping easier and more realistic, but it also reduces the amount of unwanted items that are returned.

A Win-Win Solution for Retailers and Consumers

By reducing the number of returned items, DeepGears’ software not only benefits consumers but also retailers. According to a Shopify case study on accessories, products equipped with DeepGears’ software can experience a 20+% increase in sales and a 30+% reduction in returns. This makes for an attractive value proposition that can boost retailers’ profitability while reducing the carbon footprint of the fashion industry.

Advancing Virtual Try-On Capabilities

DeepGears is constantly working to advance their virtual try-ons capabilities. Their software uses AI technologies to create a more realistic and accurate representation of how garments look and fit on the user. This includes accounting for various body types, build, and posture, resulting in a more personalized and accurate experience for shoppers.

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DeepGears is leading the way in the future of online apparel shopping. Their software not only solves a major problem for consumers and retailers, but it also contributes to a more sustainable fashion industry. With their innovative technology and forward-thinking approach, DeepGears is making a positive impact on the world of online shopping.


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