Startup Showcase: DeHealth – Revolutionizing Healthcare with Decentralized Medical Data

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In today’s world, where access to healthcare is limited and medical data is trapped in silos, DeHealth is revolutionizing the healthcare industry by providing a decentralized platform for sharing, managing, and monetizing medical data. This AI & Medical Data-Based DeHealth App and Web 3.0 ecosystem is a game-changer that ensures equal access to healthcare for all people, regardless of their location or income level.

Who is DeHealth?

DeHealth is a brand and international group of companies with its headquarters in the UK and research centers in Israel, USA, and New Zealand. The company was established by Ukrainian and Israeli founders who wanted to make healthcare more efficient by building the Web 3.0 platform for medical data.

What is DeHealth?

DeHealth is a decentralized platform that connects patients, doctors, researchers, and health enthusiasts through AI & Medical Data-Based DeHealth App and Web 3.0 ecosystem. This platform allows users to share, manage, and monetize their data directly on the dApp. Users can earn DHLT tokens by participating in research studies, and those tokens can then be exchanged for healthcare services or sold for fiat currency on a cryptocurrency exchange.

Why is DeHealth Important?

DeHealth is important because it enables people to take control of their healthcare data and use it to improve their health and well-being. By providing a platform for sharing medical data, DeHealth encourages transparency and fosters collaboration between patients, doctors, and researchers. This, in turn, can lead to more accurate diagnoses, better treatments, and faster cures for diseases.

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How is DeHealth Making a Difference?

DeHealth is already making a difference in the healthcare industry by providing a platform for patients and doctors to collaborate on health-related issues. With over 130,000 active community members and 70,000 DeHealth dApp users from 43+ countries over 4 continents, DeHealth is helping to break down the barriers that have long prevented people from accessing quality healthcare. What’s more, more than 40 worldwide influencers and KOLs with more than 40 million followers are promoting DeHealth, which indicates a strong public interest in the platform.


DeHealth is more than just a healthcare platform; it is a movement that seeks to revolutionize the healthcare industry by providing access to medical data. Through its AI & Medical Data-Based DeHealth App and Web 3.0 ecosystem, DeHealth is fostering transparency, collaboration, and innovation that is changing the healthcare industry for the better. If you want to be part of this revolution, visit DeHealth’s website and join the community today.


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