Startup Showcase: Earnt It – Revolutionising Payday for the Financially Underserved

Meet the UK startup giving control back to those who need it most.

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Welcome to our startup showcase, where we introduce innovative and game-changing businesses that are making waves in their industries. This week, we are excited to present Earnt It, a Richmond-based startup that is transforming the way people access their earned wages, without relying on high-interest credit products.

About Earnt It

Earnt It is an industry disruptor in the financial sector, focused on the financial underserved who often struggle to pay unexpected bills because payday systems are out of date. With the ever-evolving digital age, payroll must follow suit by providing people with access to their earnings when they need them. Earnt It is bridging this gap by providing individuals with a solution that puts them in control.

What Does Earnt It Offer?

Real-Time Access to Earnings

Earnt It provides users with an affordable and fair way to access the money they have earned in real-time. This means that individuals can see what they have earned daily and have access to it when they need it most. No more waiting for that bi-weekly or monthly paycheck.

No Interest or Penalties

Unlike traditional credit products, Earnt It charges a small one-off platform fee with no hidden charges, including no interest or penalties. This eliminates the pitfalls of high-interest credit products, such as teaser rates, unaffordable line increases, penalty charges, interest on interest, etc.

A Way for the Financially Underserved

Earnt It addresses a real need for the financially underserved, offering them a fair and affordable way to access their earnings. With their solution, individuals can avoid falling into the pitfalls of high-interest credit products, making it a game-changer in the financial sector.

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Earnt It is a fresh and innovative solution in the financial space that gives control back to those who need it most. Their affordable platform offers an alternative to traditional credit products that come with high-interest rates and penalties. We are excited to see where Earnt It goes from here and how they continue to innovate in this space.




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