Startup Showcase: Etiq AI – Pioneering Fairness in Business Decision Making

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As modern technology permeates every aspect of our lives, businesses increasingly rely on algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to make important decisions. While these technologies can bring significant benefits, they also have the potential to amplify biases and perpetuate inequalities.

Enter Etiq AI, a London-based startup that is on a mission to help businesses identify and mitigate biases in their decision-making processes. Let’s take a closer look at this groundbreaking company.

Introducing Etiq AI

Etiq AI leverages AI itself to bring the first ever easy-to-implement software solution to enable businesses to identify and mitigate biases. By employing algorithms that assess the reliability of the models employed by the business clients, Etiq AI’s analysis, testing, and modeling process provides practical solutions to mitigate the biases identified, resulting in greater market opportunities while decreasing compliance and reputational risks for their clients.

What Makes Etiq AI’s Solution Unique?

There are many companies out there offering AI-based solutions. What sets Etiq AI apart is their focus on fairness and accuracy. Their product is built on a deep understanding of what constitutes best practice definitions of fairness and accuracy in AI models. Moreover, Etiq AI provides its clients with practical solutions to mitigate biases, rather than just identifying the problem.

Target Clients and Their Needs

Etiq AI’s target clients are financial companies that are under increasing regulatory pressure to use models that make fair decisions. They are also under competitive pressure to leverage the best returns from their customer data while increasingly using algorithmic decision making.

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Etiq AI is well positioned to provide a significant return on investment due to the lack of competition and solutions in this space. The financial sector is not only attractive in size but has growing pressure to ensure fairness as defined both within legal/regulatory and business frameworks. This typically borrows favourable profit margins achieved by software companies.

The Future of Etiq AI

The future looks bright for Etiq AI. They are already breaking new ground in the UK and Europe, helping to ensure that AI is not just profitable but also fair and accurate. They are looking to expand further, offering their solutions to other countries and sectors that also struggle with bias in decision-making.


Etiq AI is a startup that is paving the way to a fairer and more accurate future for AI in the business world. Their solution is unique and practical, and they are well positioned to dominate a sector that is set to grow rapidly in the coming years. You can learn more about Etiq AI and their groundbreaking product on their website and socials:



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