Startup Showcase: Exoshock Ltd

Mapping global interdependency for unrivalled risk management

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In this Startup Showcase, we look at Exoshock Ltd, a SaaS Risk Management Platform based in London, England. Using complex modeling, Exoshock maps the interdependency between the global economy and the energy, food, and minerals sectors that underpin it. In this showcase, we will dive into what makes Exoshock unique, their target audience, and what the future holds for this innovative startup.

Disrupting the Traditional Modelling Industry

Traditional modeling companies have always worked on an outsourced consultancy model. Exoshock plans to disrupt this industry by providing non-specialists with the ability to access one of the most comprehensive models ever built through a simple-to-use online interface and SaaS model. By doing so, they will appeal to researchers, planning departments, and CEOs alike. This approach puts power into the hands of the end-users and helps democratize access to the latest technological advancements in risk management.

Unsurpassed Levels of Actionable Intelligence

Exoshock’s unique approach to modeling provides unsurpassed levels of actionable intelligence around how potential shocks within the energy, food, and minerals sector can affect both balance sheets and society in the long-term. By modeling actual limits and constraints of resources, they can showcase how disruptions within one sector cascade to others, ultimately affecting the global economy. This ability to map the world’s economic interdependency according to the actual limits and constraints of resources has never been done before, highlighting the innovative approach that Exoshock brings to the risk management platform.

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Targeting Key Industries

Exoshock is already making waves and garnering attention from established FTSE 100 organizations in the mining, gas, banking, and consultancy sectors. By working with the best and brightest complex modellers in the world from both Harvard and Cambridge, Exoshock intends to extend the capability of the model further. As businesses start to feel the pressure from major investors and governments to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding and approach to risk analysis, corporate social responsibility, and other governance frameworks, Exoshock is well-positioned to deliver high-quality risk management solutions.


Exoshock Ltd is an innovative startup with an exciting vision for the future. Their groundbreaking approach to risk management puts power into the hands of end-users and democratizes access to the latest technological advancements. Their partnerships with industry leaders highlight their willingness to disrupt traditional models and bring fresh thinking to risk management. To learn more about Exoshock and their approach to risk management, visit their website and social media channels.


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