Startup Showcase: Expect Industries – Decarbonisation Management for Large Enterprises

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In a world where climate change is a reality and businesses feel increasing pressure to take action, startups that provide sustainable solutions are crucial for the future. Expect Industries, a decarbonisation management platform for large enterprises and heavy industries, is one such company.

Platform Overview: Expect’s platform UNA, powered by Artificial Intelligence, provides product-level, asset-level, and supplier-level carbon visibility, projections, and risk assessments. With a focus on ROI, it designs and simulates carbon reduction plans while generating relevant carbon reduction insetting opportunities.

Key Features:

  • Automate Carbon Emissions: UNA automates the collection of data across your business to calculate GHG emissions based on industry standards, and provides real-time visibility into your carbon footprint.
  • Identify Risks and Opportunities: The AI-powered platform continuously learns about your business and generates relevant carbon reduction insetting opportunities, with a focus on ROI.
  • Profitable Decarbonisation: Select from the highlighted insetting opportunities, including cost-effective solutions offered by vendors, and establish joint carbon visibility and roadmaps with suppliers, customers, and investment portfolio companies.

Mission: Expect exists to collectively reduce CO2e emissions by 500 megatonnes this decade.


  • Reduce Carbon Emissions: Decarbonisation is a pressing need of our times, and it’s crucial for companies to take action. Expect Industries makes it easier for large enterprises to do so.
  • Increase Profitability: By identifying cost-effective carbon reduction solutions, Expect’s platform helps businesses maximize ROI.
  • Meet Sustainability Goals: As more companies focus on sustainability, Expect’s platform helps them meet their sustainability goals, and communicate their efforts to stakeholders.


Expect Industries provides an innovative solution for large enterprises and heavy industries to decarbonise while also increasing profitability. The AI-powered platform UNA allows companies to automate carbon emissions, identify risks and opportunities, and accelerate profitable decarbonisation. With a mission to collectively reduce CO2e emissions by 500 megatonnes this decade, Expect Industries is a startup to watch.

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