Startup Showcase: FACE DONATE – the social good network bringing transparency to donations

Connecting those in need with those who care, making giving no longer faceless

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As individuals and corporations increasingly become aware of the impact their donations make, there is a growing need for transparency in the donation process. FACE DONATE seeks to address this issue by bringing unprecedented end-to-end transparency in donations, heightening trust and connectedness and leading to more people giving more generously, more often.

Digital solution to demonetize peer-to-peer donations

One of the unique features of FACE DONATE is its ability to demonetize peer-to-peer donations between donors and persons in need. This is done through the use of QR codes, anonymous facial recognition, and contactless payment technologies, offering both a direct connection between donors and recipients and a free online payment gateway to every provider, in-store and online. By cutting out the middleman, FACE DONATE is able to deliver 100% of a donation to the intended person in need, ensuring that all contributions go directly to those who need it the most.

Utilising retailers and corporates to finance social enabling goods and services

In order to achieve its mission, FACE DONATE involves retailers and corporates in the financing and delivery of social-enabling goods and services, allowing them to benefit from incremental revenues and positive publicity. By working together, FACE DONATE is able to provide much-needed support to those in need while offering a new source of revenue to retailers and corporates.

Real-time feedback and transparency

Another unique aspect of FACE DONATE is its focus on providing real-time feedback and transparency to donors on how each donation is spent. By using digital technologies, FACE DONATE provides donors with the ability to monitor the impact of their giving, making giving a more engaging and rewarding experience.

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FACE DONATE is an innovative startup that uses technology to bring unprecedented transparency to the donation process, while involving the wider community in the financing and delivery of social-enabling goods and services. By providing end-to-end transparency, security, anonymity and integrity of each transaction, FACE DONATE aims to make giving no longer faceless.





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