Startup Showcase: FilmChain – Revolutionizing the Film and TV Industry Payment System

Meet the fintech startup that ensures transparent payments and royalties management for the Film and TV industry..

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As the entertainment industry continues to grow massively, the film and TV industry is worth an impressive £267 billion today. However, up to 30% of revenues generated from these entities is not reported, and payment is usually delayed for years or may never reach the rightful owners. Luckily, FilmChain is here to solve these issues with their fintech infrastructure that pays stakeholders in near real-time for independent films and operates a royalties management platform for enterprises.

Transparent Payments for Independents

FilmChain industry fixes the issue of delayed and underreported revenue in independent films by maintaining transactions on a private Ethereum blockchain ledger and distributing payments in different currencies to stakeholders’ digital wallets. These steps ensure that stakeholders receive their due payment promptly, and they can easily track their payment history.

Efficient Royalties Management for Enterprises

FilmChain industry also provides a first-to-market SAAS platform to manage royalties and report for enterprises. This platform makes it easy for enterprises to manage their royalties and get detailed reports of their payment history. This efficient system saves time and eliminates the possibility of payment error, which is a huge relief for enterprises.

Impressive Clients

Thanks to its innovative technology, FilmChain industry’s clients now include double Academy Awards nominated films, and clients from Europe, North America, UK, Israel, and Australia. The fintech startups’ track record is impressive, which reinforces their reputation in the industry.


FilmChain has succeeded in revolutionizing the payment system in the film and TV industry. By providing a transparent payment system that ensures stakeholders receive their dues promptly and then developing a robust royalties management platform for enterprises, this startup has become a game-changer. Their innovative technology is an essential tool for the industry, which confirms their massive success.

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Visit FilmChain’s website and social media pages to keep up with their innovative contributions to the entertainment industry.





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