Startup Showcase: Filmily – The Experts in Fan Based Content

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Are you looking for a revolutionary way to capture exciting moments during events and make them more memorable for your fans? Look no further than Filmily, a Fan Based Content Platform that brings together footage from thousands of mobile phones and curates them automatically into short, branded films. In this Startup Showcase, we delve into how Filmily’s patented machine learning technology is shaking up the event and sponsorships scene.

Revolutionizing Fan-Based Events with Automated Film Curation

Filmily aims to address the gap that exists between event owners, fans, and sponsors. Traditionally, fans record their favourite moments on their phones, but the event organizers and sponsors hardly benefit from this untapped potential. However, Filmily’s technology automates the whole content creation process by implementing machine learning (ML) algorithms to understand what makes great short-form promotional films.

With Filmily, event-goers simply record with their phones and the technology does the rest – transforming raw footage into a polished, branded film optimized for social media sharing. The content is analyzed for environmental factors, capturing the context and atmosphere of the event, which is used to visually accent the final output.

Using Data-Driven Analysis to Create Effective Promotions

A significant portion of Filmily’s value proposition lies in how the technology does the heavy lifting of identifying what resonates with the target demographics for specific events. Using the data obtained from the analysis, the technology can curate more effective promotional material, thereby providing a better experience for fans and enhancing brand exposure for event organizers and sponsors.

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The platform’s flexibility also allows for customization as event organizers and sponsors can choose from a range of promotional creatives, including social media content, influencer campaigns, and commercials. This ability to tailor to the specific needs of clients helps them both increase revenue and enhance their brand story.

Building Powerful Relationships through Event-Involvement

By bringing fans and promoters together, Filmily can create an efficient way to build stronger relationships inclusive to both parties. Capturing fans’ emotional reactions and participation while engaging with sponsors through events, Filmily ensures fans are part of the action while event-centric brands are at the forefront.

As such, event organizers can offer what their fans want on social media through Filmily’s platform, and sponsors can reap the benefits of custom event promotions for their brands. Filmily’s platform transforms the way events engage with fans while providing sponsorship opportunities that they can capitalize on with ease.


Filmily’s patented machine learning technology is a game-changing way for events and sponsors to leverage the power of fan-based content. By automating the whole process, Filmily provides a powerful solution for capturing, analyzing, and distributing promotional content tailored-to-fit specific target demographics. By doing so, Filmily empowers event organizers and sponsors, creating a mutually beneficial environment that places fans firmly at the center of the action.


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