Startup Showcase: Find Others – Uniting for Justice

Empowering Individuals to Seek Justice through Impactful Campaigns and Legal Actions.

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As part of our startup showcase series, is excited to highlight Find Others, a London-based startup that seeks to unite individuals who have been impacted by injustices and provide them with the means to seek justice through impactful campaigns and legal actions.

Founded on the belief that individuals are stronger together, Find Others provides a central hub for victims of injustices to unite and take action on issues that often impact thousands of individuals, from human rights abuses to privacy breaches. Here’s a closer look at what Find Others does and how it is helping individuals hold organizations and governments accountable for their actions.

What is Find Others?

Find Others is an online platform that empowers individuals with common issues to unite and seek justice through impactful campaigns and legal actions. The platform was founded by a group of legal professionals who recognized the need for a centralized hub for victims of injustices to unite and take action.

The platform provides victims of injustices with the tools they need to run a campaign, lobby for change or pursue legal action, with the added benefit of having access to comprehensive support from legal professionals who manage group cases from instigation through to resolution.

Find Others believes that when individuals come together, they are stronger, and that even institutions considered too powerful to hold accountable must take note.

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How Find Others Works

Find Others works on two fronts: empowering individuals and providing support for legal professionals. The platform provides a central hub where individuals can create, join and manage campaigns based on issues that affect them, such as human rights abuses, environmental injustices or breaches of privacy.

Individuals can create campaigns, lobby for change or pursue legal action, and connect with other individuals and organizations. Find Others provides them with comprehensive support to help them navigate the legal process, from instigation through to resolution, including funding, legal advice and representation.

In addition, Find Others offers tools for legal professionals to help them manage group cases efficiently. This includes a case management system that provides a centralized hub for communication, case data and document management.

Impactful Campaigns and Legal Actions

Find Others has already helped individuals unite and seek justice on a range of issues. For example, the platform supported victims of the Grenfell Tower fire in seeking justice and compensation, and has helped victims of the Windrush scandal seek compensation and justice.

In addition, Find Others has supported campaigns against the use of facial recognition technology in public spaces and has provided support for individuals who have suffered injuries and health issues as a result of exposure to wireless radiation.

Find Others has been recognized for its work in empowering individuals and helping them seek justice. In 2021, the startup was included in the Forbes Next 1000 list of startups to watch.


Find Others is a startup that is making a real difference in helping individuals seek justice and hold organizations and governments accountable for their actions. As individuals, we are often too small to have an impact, but when we come together, we can make real change.

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Find Others is a platform that empowers individuals to create campaigns, lobby for changes or pursue legal action with comprehensive support from legal professionals. The platform is making a real difference in helping victims of injustices unite and seek justice, and it will continue to be a leading platform as more and more individuals come together to fight against injustice.





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