Startup Showcase: Findr – The Matchmaker for Business Partnerships

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Introducing Findr, the revolutionary AI-powered platform that matches businesses of all sizes in one seamless process, reducing the time it takes to create partnerships from months or years to just hours or minutes. Launching this autumn, Findr is initially targeting the fintech industry, delivering an innovative solution that swiftly connects decision-makers and projects based on common criteria. Findr is poised to transform how businesses connect, making it a one-stop-shop for the partnership world.

What is Findr?

Findr is a marketplace where companies can find suitable partners for their projects, and it’s a global solution that puts an end to endless searching, cold calling, and wasted hours. It optimizes the partnership process, allowing organizations to focus on what matters most – building connections and relationships to achieve common goals. Its unique algorithm matches companies based on business criteria, allowing businesses to scale their operations and boost their growth.

How it works

Findr’s matching algorithm uses artificial intelligence to quickly match businesses with compatible partners. Findr also ensures that the potential partner meets your unique needs by verifying the company’s legitimacy and compatibility. Once a potential match is found, users can communicate through Findr’s platform to get to know each other better. This new approach saves time, resources, and considerable amounts of money for the company.

Why Findr?

Findr’s matchmaking process ensures that businesses discover their ideal partner who meets their core requirements. With this unique AI algorithm, Findr can complete in minutes the work that might typically take months of effort to achieve. Findr is also incredibly cost-effective, as businesses pay only a small fee for the discovery call when their match is accepted, putting the power of growth back in their hands. And thanks to the extensive integration and partnerships schedules, businesses can experience accelerated growth and overall success.

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Findr’s vision is simple – democratize the partnership process by enabling businesses to discover their ideal partner quickly, easily and at an affordable cost. Backed by AI technology, Findr is raising the bar in the business partnership sector, creating a total automation of B2B deal-making. What’s more, it’s not just the fintech sector that can benefit from Findr’s matchmaking capabilities, but virtually any industry. Sign up for Findr’s beta version today and see for yourself how easy it is to find your business partner!


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