Startup Showcase: Flagsmith – Revolutionizing Feature Flag Management

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If you’re running a web or mobile application, you know how crucial it is to keep innovating and testing new ideas to keep your users engaged. However, pushing new features into production can be a daunting task, and the risk of breaking things can be high. This is where Flagsmith comes in, a London-based startup that’s changing the game of feature flag management.

Managing Feature Flags and Remote Config – The Flagsmith Way

In layman’s terms, a feature flag is like a switch that can turn on or off a certain feature in your application. By using feature flags, you can release new features gradually, control access to the feature based on different user segments and run A/B tests to measure the effectiveness of a feature.

Flagsmith takes feature flag management to a new level by providing a centralized platform to manage flags and remote config across all your applications. No more spaghetti code across multiple systems or reliance on developer tools!

Flagsmith’s powerful dashboard allows you to create and manage feature flags in real-time, update configurations in seconds, run A/B tests, track analytics, and much more. The platform supports multiple environments, allowing you to manage flags across pre-production, staging, and production easily.

Flexible Deployment Options for Any Size of Business

Flagsmith is written in open-source code, providing organisations of varying sizes with cost-effective solutions to improve development processes. Large enterprises and small businesses alike can take advantage of flexible deployment options and a customisable feature set.

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The platform can be deployed in the cloud, on-premise or as a hybrid deployment. Flagsmith is compatible with a wide range of server-side languages, frameworks, and platforms, including JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Go, and more.

Plus, the innovative platform allows users to get the most out of their feature flags by integrating with their favourite analytics or customer data platform. Flagsmith’s intuitive user interface makes it easy to adapt, retest and iteratively improve applications until optimal performance is achieved.

A welcome addition for Developers

Flagsmith has become a favourite among developers as it provides them with the ability to implement feature flags and remote config easily in multiple environments. With Flagsmith, developers can reduce development time, streamline the deployment process, and ensure that new content and features are delivered quickly and easily without needing to build.

Flagsmith is also a great resource for development teams aspiring to integrate continuous integration and delivery into their working product. By using Flagsmith, Developers can decouple deploy and release, thus improving development speeds and shipping time to market at a faster rate.


Flagsmith is revolutionizing the way business approaches feature flag and remote configuration management. Their innovative platform provides a one-stop-shop for companies seeking a structured approach to managing and deploying feature flags and remote configuration. Moreover, Flagsmith enjoys the confidence of developers across the industry due to being open-source fueled, making it suitable for companies of all industries and sizes.


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