Startup Showcase: Foodshare – Reducing Food Waste and World Hunger

How Foodshare is using its cross-platform mobile application to make a difference in reducing food waste and world hunger.

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As a technology startup that is passionate about solving the problem of food waste and world hunger, Foodshare is making strides in achieving this goal with its innovative cross-platform mobile application. The startup is based in Poole, Dorset, and aims to connect people who are looking to share or receive food, as well as non-food items that could go to waste, thus reducing waste and promoting food sustainability.

What is Foodshare?

Foodshare is a cross-platform mobile application that allows users to post about food that could potentially go to waste, and facilitates other users to pick it up for free. With the app, users can also post about non-food items that they are willing to share or lend out, creating a platform for people to give and receive items that could be put to better use. Foodshare has made it their mission to create a community of individuals that prioritize food sustainability as a solution to reduce food waste and world hunger.

How does it work?

Foodshare has made it extremely easy for users to make a post about a food item, shareable item or wanted item. To post about a food item, a user can simply open the app, add a picture, a description, when and where the product will be available for pick-up, and other users who are looking to pick up food can select from a variety of available items that are near them. Likewise, if a user is looking for a certain item or food, they can post it in the Wanted tab, and other users who are willing to share will be able to connect with them. All this is done in a private messaging system for security purposes.

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Promoting sustainability and community involvement

With Foodshare, users can easily cut down on their consumer-driven habits while promoting a sense of community and empowerment among users. The app provides a platform for people to connect and help each other, get free food or non-food items, and give items in return. This not only reduces food waste and resources, but also encourages community members to be environmentally conscious and help others.


Foodshare is revolutionizing the way people think about food wastage through the use of technology. The cross-platform mobile application connects people in one community while promoting sustainability and decreasing the amount of food waste globally. The founders envision that with continued growth and expansion, Foodshare will become a household name and an integral part of any community’s sustainability initiatives.


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