Startup Showcase: Foundland Industries – Your Go-To Upmarket General Store

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Are you tired of sifting through the same old products at your local store? Looking for something unique that will add a touch of class to your home and lifestyle? Look no further than Foundland Industries, the upmarket general store with an international flare and a twist of naughtiness in the top-shelf section.

At Foundland, we’re proud to be sourcing the best products from around the globe, ranging from traditional Japanese brooms to Italian stationery and hand-carved wooden spoons. Our team has extensive experience in retail, having worked with major gallery shops in London and running the Monocle webshop. We know where to find the top-quality goods that are hard to come by, rare limited editions that you won’t find anywhere else.

Curating a Distinctive Selection of the Best Products from around the World

At Foundland, we provide a carefully curated selection of artisanal goods that cater to your taste and lifestyle. Our range includes accessories, homeware, grooming, stationery, and other high-end products that are handpicked by our team. Our products go beyond simply being functional – they’re expressions of an exclusive and sophisticated lifestyle.

Shop the Top Shelf Section and Add A Touch of Tawdry

Looking for something to spice up your boudoir or add a little whimsy to your next dinner party? Our top-shelf section features some frivolous products that will tickle your fancy or add a naughty edge to your life, such as handmade handcuffs and designer sex toys. You’ll find no ordinary products among our top-shelf selection – just unique, high-quality goods that you won’t find elsewhere.

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Quality Products That Are Also Environmentally Conscious

At Foundland Industries, we appreciate the beauty of handmade objects and have an environmental conscience. That’s why we source most of our goods from small-batch makers who use natural, eco-friendly materials that are biodegradable or long-lasting. We believe that opting for products sourced this way not only contributes to a more sustainable planet but also increases the quality of life.

Ready to elevate your style and bring a touch of the exotic and risqué to your world? Visit our website and browse our unique range of products, or follow us on social media to stay updated on new arrivals and featured items.





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