Startup Showcase: Get-Optimal – Optimising Job Ads for Diversity, Inclusion and SEO

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Are you tired of manually optimising job ads for diversity, inclusion and SEO? Look no further than Get-Optimal, a UK-based global technology company that uses AI and ML to streamline the job ad optimisation process. In this startup showcase, we’ll explore how Get-Optimal is changing the HR Tech game.

What is Get-Optimal?

Get-Optimal is a platform that optimises job ads using AI and ML to create more diverse, inclusive and SEO-friendly postings. The platform is designed for direct employers and staffing agencies who work with a decentralised workforce. By automating the job ad optimisation process, Get-Optimal saves time and boosts efficiency to increase revenue and personal income.

How does it work?

Get-Optimal’s core technology analyses and removes subtle gender-coded language and unconscious bias from all job ads. By removing these barriers, Get-Optimal’s platform makes job ads more attractive and accessible to a wider and more diverse range of candidates.

The highly optimised job ads also include gender decoding, which removes the subtle gender-coded language and subconscious biases that might discourage certain candidates from applying. With Get-Optimal, businesses can receive up to a 30% increase in their job ad performance, leading to a rise in inclusive applications, increased quality of candidates, placements and commissions.

Benefits of Get-Optimal

In addition to the obvious benefit of saving time and increasing efficiency, Get-Optimal provides businesses with a 24/7 virtual team member that is always improving job ads. Many of Get-Optimal’s US customers have remarked that their platform is an affordable Textio equivalent.

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By removing the barriers to attract a more diverse and inclusive workforce, Get-Optimal’s solution benefits businesses in several ways, including:

  • Greater access to a diverse range of candidates
  • Increased quality of applications
  • Faster hiring times
  • Increased revenue and personal income


If you’re looking to streamline the job ad optimisation process, Get-Optimal is the way to go. By using AI and ML, Get-Optimal provides businesses with more diverse, inclusive and SEO-friendly job ads in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. With 15 minutes to be remotely onboarded and no onsite training required, why not book a call today to learn more about how Get-Optimal can help your business?


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