Startup Showcase: Go For Green – Eco-Friendly Catering Supplies & Cleaning Products

Leading the Way to Sustainable and Environmentally-Friendly Options

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At a time when people are increasingly concerned about environmental damage, the need for eco-friendly products has never been greater. Go For Green is a company that specializes in eco-friendly catering supplies and cleaning products that are sustainable, cost-effective, and reduce your carbon footprint. This start-up showcase highlights the company’s unique approach to providing brands with greener alternatives and how they have become a major player in the eco-friendly market.

Branded POS and Custom Branded Cups

Go For Green provides brands with the opportunity to create bespoke, eco-friendly products. They offer branded POS, custom-branded cups, and festival cups that can be printed with your logo, design, or promotional message. Stand out at events or festivals, and make a strong environmental message to your audience with packaging made from compostable materials such as bamboo, paper or sustainable materials.

Plastic-Free Cups and Compostable Packaging

Go For Green offers a range of products, including plastic-free cups and compostable packaging, which is ideal for brands looking to reduce their carbon footprint. The products that they offer are made from compostable materials that can be disposed of in a compost, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill sites. The company provides a wide range of products, including plates, takeaway boxes, and cutlery, all of which are made from eco-friendly materials.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Go For Green offers a full range of sustainable cleaning products which are ideal for businesses that wish to maintain an eco-friendly working environment. They offer cleaning products that are safe, effective, and environmentally friendly, which can be perfect for companies that want to reduce their environmental footprint.

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The Go For Green Difference

Go For Green is a company that is passionate about the environment and sustainability. They understand that every brand has different product needs and requirements, which is why they work with their clients to find the best solution for their business. The company has manufacturing partners in the UK, Europe, and Far East, with low minimum order quantities, which ensures that you can access high-quality eco-friendly products at an affordable price.


The Go For Green start-up promises to revolutionize the eco-friendly market by providing businesses with customized eco-friendly solutions. From branded cups and custom-branded POS to compostable packaging, this company can provide an environmentally-friendly product for most brands. If you are interested in reducing your carbon footprint, contact Go For Green today to find the perfect eco-friendly product for your business.





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