Startup Showcase: Goldilock – The Key to Data and Critical Infrastructure Security

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As technology rapidly evolves, data and critical infrastructure security have become a pressing concern for individuals and organizations alike. Goldilock, a London-based startup, has revolutionized the field of security by creating a patented technology that allows for easy and secure disconnection and connection of data and devices – without using the internet.

Innovative Technology with Real-World Applications

Goldilock’s technology is game-changing not only for its unique functionality but also for its simplicity. With Goldilock, individuals and organizations can easily and quickly disconnect their data and devices from the internet, keeping them completely isolated and secure from hackers. This is accomplished using Goldilock’s non-IP back channel, which provides a completely secure connection that can be used from anywhere on earth with no training or specialty devices required.

In addition to its simple functionality, Goldilock has a variety of real-world applications, many of which are crucial for enterprises. For example, Goldilock can ensure that data backups are kept clean and isolated in case of ransomware or other cyber intrusions. Goldilock’s Autotomy product allows network administrators to isolate devices and network architecture, mitigating attacks and other threats. These applications have made Goldilock a must-have for businesses of all sizes.

Protecting Data and Critical Infrastructure in a Changing World

Hackers are becoming increasingly innovative and sophisticated in their attacks. As COVID-19 forces organizations to work remotely, the need for secure technology has only increased. Goldilock has risen to this challenge by creating the most advanced security measures, keeping data and infrastructure isolated from any internet penetration. Organizations can feel confident that with this kind of protection, their data and infrastructure will have optimal security 24/7.

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Goldilock’s Impact in the Industry

Goldilock’s cutting-edge security technology has been recognized and praised by industry professionals. In 2019, the company took home the Best Security Solution award at the KuppingerCole European Identity & Cloud Conference. Goldilock has also won the Globalscape 2020 Innovation Award for its innovative technology.

In addition to its accolades, Goldilock has received investment from well-known venture capitalist Tim Draper, who called Goldilock “the only business in the world that can solve security so definitively.”

Why Goldilock?

At a time when security breaches are on the rise, Goldilock provides an unparalleled level of security for data and critical infrastructure. With its easy-to-use and innovative technology, businesses and individuals alike can rest easy, knowing that their data is truly secure from hackers.

Goldilock has continued to prove itself to be a leader in the field of security, earning industry recognition and investment from well-known venture capitalists. With a simple, yet powerful, solution to data and critical infrastructure security, Goldilock is quickly becoming an essential tool for enterprises worldwide.





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