Startup Showcase: Harder Than You Think – Creatively Connecting Citizens Globally for Global Progress

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Are you tired of the same old media content centered on profit and consumerism? Do you crave media that offers thought-provoking and educational content aimed at addressing the world’s biggest issues? Look no further than Harder Than You Think (HTYT), an IP-led media content company based in London that strives to create content at the intersection of art, education, and global progress. In this Startup Showcase, we’ll explore how HTYT creatively connects the big issues to citizens globally through its brand-led missions and upcoming events.

IP-Led Media Content Company in the Intersection of Art, Education & Global Progress

HTYT prides itself on being a media content company that offers a unique approach to creating content that resonates with its audience – by positioning itself at the intersection of art, education, and global progress. By using powerful storytelling, HTYT aims to break down complex issues, making them accessible to citizens globally. The company believes that this approach can create a positive impact, inspiring individuals to act towards global progress.

Brand-Led Missions

HTYT developed three brand-led missions, which centers on key global issues, to drive progress towards addressing these problems. These missions are:

  • The Rising Phoenix Project – aims to change attitudes toward disability through the inspirational story of the Paralympics.
  • Earth to COP – seeks to challenge the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP) to be bolder and act faster to save the planet.
  • Mission 2022 – HTYT’s new IP and events-focused brand that will launch this year, aims to provide critical support to charities that tackle social issues, starting with mental health.
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These missions have helped HTYT create an emotional connection with its audience, as it empowers individuals to tackle global issues from their own unique perspectives.

Upcoming Events Through IP-Led Focused Brand

HTYT’s new IP-led brand for 2022 will focus on supporting critical charities that tackle society’s pressing social issues. The first cause that HTYT will focus on is mental health. By exploring the relationship and impact of nature on mental health, the new brand will create various events focused on bringing individuals together and provide an ecosystem of support for individuals struggling with mental health issues.


Harder Than You Think (HTYT) is an IP-led media content company that creatively connects big issues to citizens globally. It believes that by positioning itself at the intersection of art, education, and global progress, it can inspire action towards positive global change in unique and innovative ways. With its brand-led missions and upcoming events, HTYT strives to provide a platform that inspires and empowers individuals to make progress towards global progress.





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