Startup Showcase: Hive Health UK – Protecting Healthcare from Cyber Threats

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As technology becomes more integrated into healthcare systems, cyber security has become a critical concern. Hive Health UK is a startup that aims to provide critical cyber security solutions to the healthcare industry. They offer innovative solutions, including clinical risk assessments and data protection services, that are tailored to healthcare providers.

Expertise in Healthcare Cybersecurity

Hive Health is a team of experts in the field of cybersecurity and healthcare. The company’s management team consists of individuals with extensive experience in these sectors, making them well-suited to provide services in healthcare cybersecurity. The team is made up of individuals with cyber security, data science, machine learning, clinical, operational, commercial, and healthcare backgrounds.

Advisory Board

Hive Health is fortunate to have an advisory board that includes technology-focused clinicians and former senior executives from the NHSX, NHS Digital, the Home Office, the Foreign Office, and the Cyber Trust board. This diverse group of advisors provides the company with the guidance it needs to offer the best cybersecurity solutions to healthcare providers.

Cyber Security Based on Clinical Risk

Hive Health aims to provide cyber security that is based on clinical risk. This means that they assess the security risk for an individual healthcare provider based on clinical factors. This approach is innovative, and demonstrates Hive Health’s commitment to offering unique solutions to their clients.

Compliance and Best Practice Frameworks

Compliance and best practice frameworks are critical when it comes to cybersecurity in healthcare. Hive Health helps hospitals and healthcare providers comply with regulatory requirements and provide best practice guidelines. This helps healthcare providers protect their patient data and critical infrastructure.

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Final Thoughts

Hive Health UK is a remarkable startup that is addressing an important issue. Their vision for cybersecurity based on clinical risk is unique and provides healthcare providers with solutions tailored to their specific requirements. Hive Health’s expertise and unique approach make them an exciting startup to watch. Visit their website for more information on their services.


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