Startup Showcase: HyDIME – Revolutionizing Ferry Industry with Green Hydrogen

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With the world looking for sustainable solutions to reduce carbon footprint, HyDIME, a UK based start-up, is making waves in the marine industry with their innovative use of hydrogen fuel technology in commercial ferries. In this Startup Showcase, we dive deep into the company’s vision, their goals, and the environmental benefits of their innovative project.

Innovate UK Funded Project

HyDIME (Hydrogen Diesel Injection in a Marine Environment) is an Innovate UK funded project that aims to make the ferry industry cleaner and greener. The company is headquartered in Stromness, Orkney, and is a collaboration between ITM Power, Orkney Islands Council, and EMEC (European Marine Energy Centre). The project uses a commercially viable ferry and aims to prove the design, integration, and use of hydrogen fuel in marine vessels.

Designing a Greener Future

With the company’s vision of decarbonizing the marine industry, HyDIME uses renewable energy to produce hydrogen via electrolysis, resulting in “green” hydrogen. The excess energy generated from Orkney’s wind and tidal power is used to generate hydrogen, which in turn is used as fuel for the ferry. This eradicates the need for diesel combustion and results in zero carbon emissions.

First-of-its-kind Hydrogen Injection System

HyDIME has gained attention for its goal of being the first company to use a hydrogen injection system on a commercial passenger and vehicle ferry. The system, designed and integrated on the commercial ferry operating between Shapinsay and Kirkwall in Orkney, will showcase the safe use and integration of hydrogen on marine vessels. The hydrogen injection system will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, and noise pollution. HyDIME’s pioneering efforts to bring this revolutionary technology to the marine industry is a stepping stone for other hydrogen marine projects worldwide.

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Growing the Hydrogen Economy

HyDIME is not just about creating a single ferry that is eco-friendly. Their aim is to contribute towards growing the hydrogen economy in the UK. They plan to de-risk the technology and promote the safe use of hydrogen fuel in the marine industry, thereby accelerating the adoption of hydrogen as a low-carbon energy source. This would result in cleaner and greener marine transportation, which in turn positively impacts the environment, the society, and the economy.


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