Startup Showcase: Infinite Alpha Industries – AI-powered Crypto-Asset Trading Ecosystem for Professional Investors

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Infinite Alpha Industries is a London-based startup with a mission to revolutionize financial markets through the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology. With their first-of-its-kind, AI-driven crypto-asset trading ecosystem, they are bringing a level of security, transparency, and compliance to the blockchain and digital asset era that has never been experienced before. In this startup showcase, we dive into everything that makes Infinite Alpha stand out from the crowd.

Integrating Crypto into Traditional Portfolios with Infinite Alpha

One of the biggest challenges facing professional investors today is the integration of crypto-assets into their traditional portfolios. The lack of security, transparency, and regulation in the crypto market has made this a daunting task. But Infinite Alpha is changing the game by offering a full-service trading ecosystem specifically designed for professional investors to help them integrate crypto-assets into their existing traditional portfolios. This will allow investors to reap the potential benefits of crypto-assets while adhering to the security, transparency, and compliance requirements of the blockchain era.

The Power of AI and Blockchain for Capturing Alpha 24×7

Infinite Alpha’s unique proposition lies in the combination of AI and blockchain with crypto-assets. Their intelligent trading platform uses an AI-powered trade execution engine to capture alpha potential 24×7, securely, rapidly, and transparently. The platform offers a single-pane-of-glass view of global crypto-assets, increasing traders’ productivity, and reducing the inefficiencies of manual trading. Moreover, the integration of blockchain technology ensures security, immutability, and transparency, aligning with existing compliance and custody requirements.

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Infinite Alpha’s Full Suite of Smart Treasury and Crypto-Asset Custody Services

Infinite Alpha offers a full suite of smart treasury and crypto-asset custody services that help investors manage their crypto-assets with ease. Their intelligent treasury management system offers end-to-end services ranging from trade execution and settlement to portfolio rebalancing and risk management. The platform also provides a secure and compliant custody solution for crypto-assets, ensuring the safety and protection of investor assets.


Infinite Alpha Industries is a game-changer in the financial markets space, offering professional investors a full-service trading ecosystem powered by AI and blockchain technology. With its unique combination of AI and blockchain with crypto-assets, infinite Alpha is poised to capture alpha potential 24×7, securely, rapidly, and transparently. The platform offers a simple, single-pane-of-glass view of crypto-assets, increasing traders’ productivity, while offering smart treasury and crypto-asset custody solutions ensuring the safety and protection of investor assets. If you’re a professional investor looking to integrate crypto-assets into your existing traditional portfolios, Infinite Alpha is the platform for you.


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