Startup Showcase: Intelance – Connecting Teams, Connecting Data, and Unlocking Limitless Possibilities

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Digital transformation has been on the rise for the past few years, and it has become more critical than ever in the wake of the pandemic. Companies have had to adapt to remote work, virtual conferences, and online business to stay afloat. In this new era, organisations need to have interconnected and comprehensive systems to thrive, and that’s where Intelance comes in.

Intelance is a London-based startup that provides advisory and cloud solution implementation services. Their technological insights and industry-specific expertise allow them to guide organisations towards the digital transformation they need to succeed. By leveraging their extensive partner network and digital transformation experts, Intelance helps businesses unlock limitless growth possibilities by connecting their teams and data.

An In-Depth Discovery for Custom Solutions

Intelance offers custom solutions to suit their clients’ specific needs, starting with an in-depth discovery meeting. They assign their clients a dedicated industry expert to help them understand their current infrastructure, identify inefficiencies in core business processes, and propose a plan for implementing a solution. Intelance uses pre-built industry assets to speed up deployment and implementation and provide significant cost savings. This approach also allows for continuous feedback and improvement, leading to tangible returns on investment.

Connecting Teams with Cloud Solutions

Intelance helps companies take advantage of cloud solutions to help their teams connect and work more efficiently. Their services include cloud migration and management, cloud security, and the implementation of collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams. With these solutions in place, teams can collaborate in real time, share files and data, and work from anywhere. Intelance ensures that their cloud solutions are aligned with their client’s business strategy and functional areas, giving them a competitive edge in the digital marketplace.

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Connecting Data for Better Insights

Data is the driving force behind business strategy, and Intelance ensures that their clients have access to the right data to make informed decisions. Intelance works on business intelligence and data analytics to provide companies with actionable insights into their operations. By integrating data from different sources, companies can see their performance in real time and adjust their strategy accordingly. This approach helps businesses optimise their operations, identify trends and opportunities, and make data-driven decisions.

The Future of Digital Transformation

Intelance is setting a new standard in the digital transformation landscape with their unique approach to providing custom cloud solutions. With their extensive partner network, knowledge of the ever-changing technology landscape, and pool of highly experienced digital transformation experts, Intelance is the go-to provider for companies looking to unlock limitless possibilities by connecting their teams and data.


They are poised to help businesses thrive in the future, and their services have never been more relevant given the current climate. By continuing to provide clients with tailored solutions backed by validated proof of concepts, methodologies, and cloud platforms, Intelance is driving the future of digital transformation.





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