Startup Showcase: IRIS Payment Solutions – Innovational Biometric Authentication & Blockchain Technology for a Safe Payment Processing Ecosystem

The world’s safest payment processing ecosystem.

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IRIS Payment Solutions is a fintech startup based in London, UK, providing digital identity and wallet platform services integrating biometric authentication and blockchain technology. Their focus is on providing a safe payment processing ecosystem for their users. Notably, IRIS implements finger vein authentication, one of the highest biometric standards available in the market. IRIS also allows users to access their funding sources such as credit cards, bank accounts, and crypto wallets, thereby providing a smooth user experience.

Ease of Use – IRIS will be free and available to anyone with an irisTerminal nearby

IRIS has created a user interface which is easy to use for anyone, making it possible for it to be adopted by numerous markets. With irisTerminals situated in various strategic locations, users can access their irisWallet for free without stress. This strategy makes it easy for people with zero technical background to use the IRIS wallet platform.

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Safety and Security – Implementing finger vein authentication as our biometric standard alongside with blockchain technology, users will sleep calm knowing their irisWallet will remain unpenetrable

IRIS implements a biometric authentication standard that provides a high level of security for users. By using the finger vein technology, which is a patented technology, IRIS exceeds some of the most robust authentication standards available. Also, with blockchain technology, IRIS secures its platform with a decentralized ledger which makes hacking more difficult. IRIS is committed to ensuring their users’ transactions and funding sources remain safe.

Saving money – Users will not pay any fees while conducting international transfers or using IRIS as an everyday payment method

IRIS has made it possible for users to make free international transfers and also use their IRIS wallet as an everyday payment method without any fees for transactions. With the integration of crypto currencies, users can now spend their crypto currency using IRIS at any IRIS Merchant or irisTerminal.

Instant operations – Transfers and Transaction will happen, in most cases, in a matter of seconds

IRIS implemented a technology which ensures transactions and international transfers are done instantly, most times taking a few seconds. This process is convenient for users, ensuring transfer of funds with ease, eliminating delays while using IRIS.

Crypto Integration – People will now be able to spend their crypto currencies using just the tip of their finger at any IRIS Merchant or irisTerminal

IRIS ensures that users can spend their crypto currencies by integrating the technology with the irisWallet, which makes it possible to spend crypto currencies at any IRIS merchant or irisTerminal. This feature makes it easy for people to spend their crypto currency, thereby pushing for crypto adoption in different industries.

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Ease of Business – Our planned irisDoorLock systems will save Airbnb and Hotel owners great amounts of time with our remote access allowance system

IRIS plans to create access restriction products to help business owners, like Airbnb or hotels, control access to spaces without any issues. This medium will offer remote access permission to designated users, making it easy for business owners to manage access to their spaces.


IRIS Payment Solutions implements innovational biometric authentication and blockchain technology to provide a safe payment processing ecosystem. IRIS continues to strive for innovative ways of making payments safe for its users by integrating new technologies to better user experience. To use IRIS Payment Solution, you need to locate an irisTerminal near you to start a transaction. Please visit and their social media platforms on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for more information.


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