Startup Showcase: Karakoram Industries – Unlocking the Potential of Developmental Innovation for Humanitarian Challenges

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Karakoram is a London-based impact incubator that applies entrepreneurial thinking, strategy, design, and engineering to create breakthrough solutions for the world’s toughest humanitarian challenges. The company collaborates with a range of clients and partners to create a future that is inclusive of people, planet, and profit.

Karakoram’s unique approach is focused on empathy, optimism, and creativity, enabling its team to work through ambiguity with confidence. By de-risking and providing developmental support to ventures, Karakoram has built high-impact projects across three continents. The company uses product/venture mentality and experimental engineering to develop rapid prototypes of software, hardware, and IoT to de-risk ambitious projects for its clients and partners.

What is Karakoram’s impact?

Karakoram has received numerous accolades for its innovative approach, including the 2020 UNDP Global Innovator Award. The company’s portfolio includes a wide range of projects such as designing a portable ventilator for low-resource settings and developing early warning systems for natural disasters. Karakoram’s projects help to create safer spaces for communities, improve access to basic needs such as water and health services, and protect vulnerable groups such as refugees and internally displaced people.

Karakoram is actively seeking out private consultancy/international partnerships to reimagine and drive a paradigm shift for the future. The company is using the current relationship between NASA and its private sector partners as a template for collaboration. By working together, Karakoram hopes to unlock the potential of developmental innovation to address the world’s toughest humanitarian challenges.

How can I get involved?

If you’re interested in working with Karakoram, the company’s website provides information on how to contact them. Additionally, Karakoram’s social media platforms, including Twitter and LinkedIn, provide insightful updates on the latest impact projects and collaborations.

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If you’re a startup looking to break into the developmental innovation space, you can learn a lot from Karakoram’s innovative approach. The company’s emphasis on creativity, empathy, and optimism can inspire startups to approach challenges in a new way. With its inclusive mindset and willingness to collaborate, Karakoram is an excellent example of how innovation can be used for the greater good.


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