Startup Showcase: Lawtech 365 – Revolutionizing Legal Tech Solutions for Law Firms

An Insight into How Lawtech 365 is Making Waves in the Legal Industry.

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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, technology is creating unprecedented opportunities to transform the way businesses operate. One such industry undergoing a rapid transformation is the legal sector. With the surge in legal tech startups, the legal industry is experiencing a significant shift towards automation, digitalization, and innovation.

Lawtech 365 is one such startup at the forefront of legal technology and software solutions, driving innovation in the industry. In this startup showcase, we take a closer look at Lawtech 365, its unique team of legal and software experts, and its innovative solutions designed to create groundbreaking lawtech.

Who is Lawtech 365 and What Sets Them Apart?

Lawtech 365 is a pioneer in developing innovative legal technology and software solutions that streamline the workflow of legal practitioners. With a unique team of software engineers and lawyers working together, Lawtech 365 offers tailor-made solutions to help law firms deliver efficient, cost-effective, and secure legal services. By bridging the gap between legal and technological expertise, Lawtech 365 offers unique solutions, such as Lawyer 365, Verify 365, and eSign 365, that are revolutionizing the legal sector.

Lawyer 365 – An Innovative Global Legal Marketplace

Lawyer 365 is an innovative global legal marketplace that connects legal practitioners with clients worldwide. The platform is the first of its kind in the world, offering streamlined access to an extensive network of experienced legal professionals. From commercial arbitration to regulatory law, Lawyer 365 covers a wide range of legal services, offering clients greater transparency, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness in choosing their legal representation. By providing a secure and easy-to-use platform for legal practices, Lawyer 365 is transforming the way legal services are delivered.

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Verify 365 – ID & AML Verification Platform for Law Firms

Verify 365 is a cutting-edge platform that provides ID & AML verification services for law firms. With its advanced technology features such as biometric security, NFC check, address validation, and regulated open banking link, Verify 365 enables law firms to onboard new clients securely and efficiently. Additionally, Verify 365 checks PEPs and sanctions lists, ensuring legal practitioners are compliant with AML regulations.

eSign 365 – Digital and Compliant e-Signatures for Law Firms

eSign 365 is a digital and compliant e-signature platform designed specifically for law firms. With its fast and secure e-signature feature, it enables law firms to execute legal documents efficiently while maintaining regulatory compliance. eSign 365 is faster than the other signing solutions in the market making it a reliable choice for law firms.


Lawtech 365 is transforming the legal industry by leveraging cutting-edge technology to offer innovative solutions that streamline the workflow of legal practitioners. With its consistent focus on delivering unrivaled customer experiences, Lawtech 365 is helping law firms navigate challenges in the legal space’s new era. As the legal industry continues to evolve, Lawtech 365 is well-positioned to remain at the forefront of legal tech innovation in the UK and beyond.





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