Startup Showcase: learnd – Revolutionizing Building Operations for a Sustainable Future

Transforming existing buildings to achieve Net Zero.

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As the world moves towards achieving Net Zero carbon emissions, energy-efficient building technology has become more important than ever. Meet learnd, the fastest-growing ESG player in buildings, founded in 2020 to disrupt the way buildings operate.

Working towards a common goal of delivering outcomes for everyone, learnd is on a mission to transform buildings to become more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable. From hospitals and museums to London boroughs, data centers, and shopping centers, learnd is already working in one in 20 large non-residential buildings in the UK, impacting millions of people every day.

Flexing Spaces to Meet Changing Needs

To achieve Net Zero from our existing building stock, the best approach is to make energy savings through effective building management. This is where learnd comes in, offering a comprehensive platform that flexes spaces to meet changing needs. As we transition to a more digital and flexible world, learnd’s technology enables buildings to deliver outcomes that meet the occupants’ needs.

Reducing Emissions and Making Energy Savings

Learnd is reducing emissions and making energy savings in buildings, helping to decarbonize the built environment. By combining vast engineering capabilities and a 24/7 service offering with a platform that can support any legacy technology, the company gives its customers the data they need and the control they want over their buildings.

A Platform for Effective Building Management

Learnd’s platform makes building management easier and more effective by providing real-time data insights, enabling building managers to make more informed decisions. With its innovative technology, learnd is set to revolutionize the way businesses and organizations manage their buildings, reducing their carbon footprint and ultimately contributing to a better future for all.

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Learnd is a game-changer in the built environment, providing a comprehensive platform for effective building management. By embracing technology and innovation, the company is helping its customers reduce their carbon footprint, make energy savings, and improve the wellbeing of the occupants. With its vast engineering capabilities, 24/7 service offering, and a platform that can support any legacy technology, learnd is well on its way to creating a world where all buildings deliver outcomes for everyone.


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