Startup Showcase: Lightcast Discovery – Pioneering Precision Microfluidics for Groundbreaking Clinical Approaches

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As the medical industry continuously evolves, new approaches and therapies are needed to address various health conditions. Thankfully, startups like Lightcast Discovery are pushing the boundaries of complex cell analysis, paving the way for new and exciting developments in healthcare.

Introducing Lightcast Discovery

Lightcast Discovery is a UK-based startup that uses a microfluidic platform to make advances towards unique clinical approaches, new therapies, and innovative products. By allowing precise and highly flexible independent control of thousands of droplets, the Lightcast platform is changing the way healthcare professionals analyze cells, making it easier and faster to make groundbreaking discoveries.

Microfluidics – Making a Revolution

Although microfluidics has been around for quite some time, the Lightcast Discovery platform takes it to new heights by offering revolutionary and highly precise manipulation of cells. This technology allows complex workflows to be performed without the need to manipulate cells by hand, making the whole process more efficient and less prone to errors. This has significant implications for a wide range of medical applications, from drug discovery to cancer research.

Partnering with the Best

To ensure that they have cutting-edge knowledge in complex cell analysis, Lightcast Discovery is partnering with major pharmaceutical companies and leading academic institutes. By bringing together minds from different industries, the company can take their research to new levels. This partnership will undoubtedly provide unique insights and perspectives, which can help advance medical discoveries in ways previously thought impossible.

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Founder’s Vision

Cameron Frayling, the founder of Lightcast Discovery, is no stranger to the world of microfluidics. With a PhD in Mechanics and Materials from the University of Cambridge, he has the technical knowledge necessary to bring microfluidics to the forefront of healthcare. Frayling’s vision for the company is to make it the go-to solution for complex cell analysis, ultimately making it easier for researchers to discover new medicines and therapies.

Join the Movement

As a startup that is passionate about making a difference in the world, Lightcast Discovery is always looking for talented and driven individuals to join their team. With their unique approach to cell analysis and their dedication to innovation, this could be the perfect opportunity for someone looking to make a difference in healthcare.


Lightcast Discovery is undoubtedly making waves in the medical industry with their innovative approach to complex cell analysis. The company’s commitment to precision and flexibility in cell analysis has opened the door to new discoveries and possibilities. With the help of their partnerships and team, they are poised to make a significant impact in healthcare.


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