Startup Showcase: Lightricity – Revolutionizing IoT with Energy Harvesting Technology

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Lightricity is a ground-breaking UK startup that is revolutionizing the Internet of Things (IoT) sector with its high efficiency light energy harvesting technology. Their mission is to enable a sustainable and scalable IoT by providing battery-free IoT devices. The company has developed a unique indoor PV (photovoltaic) technology that is six times more efficient than the nearest commercially available competition under low light levels. This makes it possible to power devices that were not previously feasible, reduce the amount of PV used on very small wireless devices, and enable IoT to scale efficiently.

A Sustainable and Scalable IoT Solution

Lightricity’s focus on energy-efficient harvesting technology and battery-free IoT devices seeks to achieve a sustainable and scalable IoT solution. Their approach is to utilize the existing light infrastructure available in any location to enable devices to operate indefinitely without the need to revert to battery power or electrical outlets. This innovative solution results in cost savings, energy savings, and a reduction in carbon footprint.

How Lightricity’s Energy Harvesting Technology Works

Lightricity has developed a technology that can extract energy from ambient light, powering IoT devices for extended periods without any external power source. To achieve this, their patented indoor PV technology converts indoor light into electricity using high-efficiency, high-voltage solar cells. Lightricity’s technology operates at lower light levels, which means that it can utilize the light available in any indoor environment, and it is 10-20% more efficient than traditional PV technology.

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Innovative IoT Tracking and Sensor Devices

One of Lightricity’s most exciting products is their IoT tracking and sensor devices that utilize their energy harvesting technology. The devices are battery-free and self-powered by indoor light. The tracking devices are small, lightweight, and can easily be attached to any item or asset, allowing for affordable and accessible tracking capabilities. Their sensor devices are also battery-free, providing high accuracy, long-range, and low-cost sensor data that is ideal for use in smart building and industrial applications.

Final Thoughts

Lightricity is transforming the way IoT devices are powered and providing accessible and affordable solutions for organizations to monitor and track their assets. Their technology has significant implications for the smart building and industrial sectors, reducing the environmental footprint and enabling the scalability of IoT. This UK-based startup is at the forefront of IoT innovation and has the potential to transform the IoT industry as we know it.


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