Startup Showcase: Lions Equipment Industries – Elevating Your Garage and Workshop Equipment

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Are you tired of dealing with broken vehicle lifts, jacking beams, and wheel play detectors in your garage or workshop? Look no further than Lions Equipment Industries, the one-stop-shop for all your garage and workshop equipment needs. Since 1985, Lions Equipment has been supplying and maintaining equipment across the United Kingdom, offering a complete Sales and After Sales service with highly experienced factory trained engineers.

In this startup showcase, we take a closer look at Lions Equipment Industries and explore how their expertise can elevate your garage and workshop equipment to the next level.

The History of Lions Equipment Industries

Lions Equipment Industries was founded in 1985 by a group of experienced engineers who saw a need for a reliable supplier of garage and workshop equipment in the UK. With a focus on quality and customer service, they quickly established themselves as a trusted partner for businesses across the country. Over the years, Lions Equipment has expanded its offering to include a wide range of products and services, all designed to help businesses maintain their equipment and increase efficiency.

A Complete Service for Your Workshop Equipment

At Lions Equipment, they understand that garage and workshop equipment is the lifeblood of your business. That’s why they offer a complete service that covers everything from sales to repairs and maintenance. With their Workshop Equipment Library app, you can easily locate spare parts and consumables for your equipment, or get in touch with their team for help with a breakdown or routine servicing. With highly experienced factory trained engineers, you can trust that your equipment is in good hands with Lions Equipment.

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Expertise in Vehicle Lifts and Repairs

Lions Equipment is particularly well-known for their expertise in vehicle lifts, with years of experience in servicing and maintaining lifts for various types of vehicles. They also offer repair services for a wide range of garage and workshop equipment, helping to keep your equipment in good working order and minimize downtime. With their in-depth knowledge of industry standards and regulations, you can have peace of mind that your equipment is always up to scratch.

Elevate Your Garage and Workshop Equipment Today

From vehicle lifts to jacking beams and wheel play detectors, Lions Equipment Industries has everything you need to keep your garage and workshop running smoothly. With a complete service that covers everything from sales to repairs and maintenance, you can trust that your equipment is in good hands with Lions Equipment. To learn more, visit their website or get in touch with their team today.


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