Startup Showcase: LivingPackets UK – Revolutionizes Parcel Delivery

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Are you tired of slow parcel delivery services? Do you want an international delivery that’s not only reliable and affordable, but also eco-friendly and sustainable? Look no further than LivingPackets UK, the new face of parcel delivery.

LivingPackets UK is shaking up the industry with its innovative approach to parcel delivery. By combining cutting-edge technology with crowd-sourced couriers, LivingPackets offers a same-day international delivery service that’s faster, safer, and more reliable than traditional carriers.

Smart, Secure, and Reusable Packets

LivingPackets UK’s patented technology enables travellers to transport secure and smart packets that are reusable, thus reducing packaging waste and carbon footprint. These packets are fitted with a GPS tracker, a temperature sensor, and a shock sensor, ensuring real-time updates on the packet’s location and condition.

Crowdfunding and Profit-Sharing Scheme

LivingPackets UK champions an innovative crowdfunding and profit-sharing scheme, where individuals can invest and share in the profits of the company. This model not only democratizes investment but also aligns the company’s interests with its customers and stakeholders.

Fast, Safe, and Affordable International Delivery

LivingPackets UK’s unique model of parcel delivery provides same-day or next-day delivery, enabling faster and reliable service to customers. Furthermore, the service is affordable, with no hidden costs or surcharges.


LivingPackets UK is the pioneer of the ‘Internet of Packets,’ which aims to revolutionize the way we send and receive parcels. By rethinking the traditional delivery model, the company has created a new paradigm that’s sustainable, eco-friendly, and people-oriented.

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LivingPackets UK is based in London, England, and currently operates across Europe. However, with its growing popularity and success, the company is poised to expand globally, disrupting the parcel delivery industry as we know it.


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