Startup Showcase: Louis Websdale Industries – The Video and Web Expert

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Louis Websdale is a website developer and video editor whose startup business is located in Brentwood, Essex, UK. He is a millennial entrepreneur who understands business and loves playing around with codes to create amazing websites and video content for his clients. In this Startup Showcase, we take a closer look at Louis Websdale and his company and how they are revolutionizing video content and web development in the UK.

The Vision Behind Louis Websdale Industries

As a skilled video editor and website developer, Louis Websdale believes that video content has become an essential tool for businesses looking to become more visible online. From social media platforms to website pages, video content has become the go-to format for businesses looking to increase their online presence. Louis’ vision is to continue offering businesses with cost-effective video creation services that enhance their online presence.

Services Offered by Louis Websdale Industries

Louis Websdale Industries provides businesses with a wide range of video editing and website development services. The company is committed to helping businesses achieve their online objectives by creating innovative video content and stunning website designs. Some of the specific services offered include:

  • Video Creation: Louis Websdale Industries offers video creation and editing services that help businesses create compelling video content for their audiences. The company specializes in creating explainer videos, promotional videos, social media videos, corporate videos, and more.
  • Web Development: Louis Websdale Industries offers cost-effective web development solutions for businesses looking to improve their online presence. The company designs and develops responsive websites for businesses of all sizes, ensuring that they are mobile-friendly, optimized for search engines, and user-friendly.
  • Website Maintenance: In addition to web development, Louis Websdale Industries also provides ongoing website maintenance services to ensure that websites are up-to-date with current trends and technology. The company offers monthly website updates, content creation, and website backups to ensure that businesses remain relevant online.
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The Benefits of Working with Louis Websdale Industries

  • Louis Websdale Industries is dedicated to providing clients with a unique experience that is both efficient and effective. Here are some of the benefits of working with the company:
  • Cost-effectiveness: Louis Websdale Industries offers cost-effective video editing and web development services that are affordable for businesses of all sizes.
  • Quick Turnaround: The company prides itself on providing clients with quick turnaround times on all projects. Website drafts are usually delivered within a week of the initial brief.
  • Personalized Service: Louis Websdale is dedicated to providing personalized service to each client, ensuring that their needs are met and that they are satisfied with the final product.


Louis Websdale Industries is one of the leading video editing and web development startups in the UK. Louis Websdale’s passion for code and video content, combined with his business acumen, makes him a valuable partner for businesses looking to enhance their online presence. If you’re looking for cost-effective web development or video creation services, Louis Websdale Industries is the go-to company.


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